Album: LIKE TO DANCE  |  Song lyrics to: GLUED TO THE TUBE

Lead Vocal: Michael Fogarty
Music: Michael Fogarty
Lyrics: Philip Edward Lynch, Chris Jung
Producer: Michael Fogarty

"GLUED TO THE TUBE" (with chords)

Intro: (C6)Glued, glued, glued to the Tube! (two times)

Verse 1
(C6)I’m quite ordinary, but I’ll tell you somethin’ scary; somethin’s got a hold on(G)me.
(G7)I know it’s not wholesome, but I’ve got this compulsion, I just can’t stop(F)watching T(C6)V!
From(C6)talk shows to thrillers, to me they’re all top billers, I can hardly miss a single(G)show.
Changing(G7)channels constantly, for something new to see, wearing out remote con(C)trols.

Chorus 1
I’m super(C6)glued to the Tube, glued to the Tube! I need some help, and I(G7)know it’s true.
My eyes are turning pink, ’cause I’m afraid to blink. I might(F)miss some of my favorite(C6)shows.
I’m super(C6)glued to the Tube, glued to the Tube! I need some help, yes, I(G7)know it’s true.
Technicolor, black And white, I’ll watch anything in sight, because I’m super glued to the(C6)Tube!

(C6)Glued, glued, glued to the Tube! I’m glued, glued, glued to the Tube!

Verse 2
(C6)Sports is Daddy’s passion; Mom is quite old-fashioned, watching movie reruns And the(G7)news.
Big sister watches dramas all day long in her pajamas; I’ll watch anything as(F)long as it(C)moves.
When(C)going on vacation, to any destination, the TV has a seat of its(Dm7)own.
(G7)I’ve got a Watchman in my pocket, in case there is no socket; otherwise we’d all come back(C)home.

Repeat Chorus 1

(E7-F7)The other night I had a terrible dream:(C6)My body turned into a (C7)TV screen! (TV screen)
(F7)People were fightin’, tryin’ to grab my controls(D7)to flip the channel to their(G)favorite show.(G7)

Verse 3
(C6)From that very minute, I decided I would limit how much I would watch the T(G)V.
’Cause(G7)now I’ve got the answer: it’s the slave, I’m the master; it no longer has its(F)spell on(C6)me!
Now my(C6)life is more exciting, exercising, swimming, hiking, learning how to dance, and playing gui(G)tar.
I’m no(G7)longer sittin’ viewin’, but gettin’ up and doin’ the good I’ve seen on TV be(C)fore.

Chorus 2
No longer(C6)glued to the Tube, glued to the Tube! I’m unstuck, and I(G7)feel brand new.
Here is my confession, followed by the lesson:
Watch it with discretion, break its fascination, don’t get super glued to the(C6)Tube!

(C6)Don’t get glued to the Tube! Don’t get glued!

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