Album: LIKE TO DANCE  |  Song lyrics to: HAPPY AND HEALTHY

Lead Vocal: Robert Fernandez
Music & Lyrics: Jeremy Spencer
Producers: Jeremy Spencer, Jun Tanaguichi

"HAPPY AND HEALTHY" (with chords)

Intro: Happy and healthy! (E-A-E-A)

Verse 1
(E)If it’s cold, I know I’d better(A)wear a jacket, or a sweater,(B)or I’ll catch a(E)chill.
(B)(Happy and healthy!) (E)If it’s wet and rainy weather,(A)I know I should go and get a
(B)Raincoat or um(E)brella.

Chorus 1
(B)Little rules of(E)health are made for my good, and if(A)they’re obeyed,
(E)They will(B)help to keep me(E)well. (Happy and(Esus4)healthy!)


Verse 2
(E)Eating all my fruits and veggies,(A)drinking water keeps me healthy(B)so I can run and(E)play.
(Happy and healthy!) (B)(E)I will cover coughs and sneezes(A)so I do not spread diseases,
(B)And I’ll keep my(E)hands real clean.

Repeat Chorus 1

(G#7)I don’t want to(A)be that(E)foolish to(A)break those(E)rules and(B)find out in(E)stead
Of(G#7)having fun with(A)every(E)one,(B)I’ll be sick in my(E)bed. (E-A)

Verse 3
(E)Not too late to bed at nighttime(A)so I’ll wake up at the right time,(B)ready for the(E)day.
(Happy and healthy!) (B)(E)If I exercise at playtime,(A)getting fresh air while it’s daytime,
(B)Happy and healthy(E)I will be.

Chorus 2
(B)Little rules of(E)health are made for our good, and if(A)they’re obeyed,
(E)They will(B)help to keep us(E)well. (Happy and(Esus4)healthy!)

Repeat Chorus 2

(E)They will(B)help to keep us(E)well.


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