Album: LIKE TO DANCE  |  Song lyrics to: IN THE OCEAN

Lead Vocals: Roberto Fernandez, Chris Jung, Gregg Diamont
Music & Lyrics: Peter Gehr
Producer: Laz Harris

"IN THE OCEAN" (with chords)

Intro: (Am) (F-C-G-C)

Verse 1
In the(C)ocean, the ocean(F)live the giant(G)whales,
(C)Spraying water(F)way up(F#)high, and(G)splashing with their(C)tails.
In the(C)ocean, the ocean(F)live the dolphins,(G)too,
(C)Riding waves, so(F)strong and(F#)brave, and they(G)try to talk to(C)you.

The(F)oceans are so(G)vast and wide, they(C)reach ’round the(F)world,
Touching every(C)continent of(D)every boy and(G)girl.(Am)Fishing boats and sailing ships
And ocean liners, too,(F)travel on the(C)mighty seas, and(G)cross the oceans(C)blue.

Verse 3
In the(C)ocean, the ocean(F)lives the octo(G)pus;
(C)Swimming along with(F)eight long(F#)legs, he(G)looks so humo(C)rous.
In the(C)ocean, the ocean there(F)are so many(G)fish,
(C)Salmon, tuna and(F)marlin,(F#)too, and(G)pretty angel(C)fish.

Repeat Chorus


Verse 5
In the(C)ocean, the ocean(F)there’s a world so(G)deep.
(C)Have you ever(F)wondered(F#)how(G)all the fishes(C)sleep?
Sea(C)lions, sea horses,(F)flying fish and(G)cod;
The(C)sea is full of a(F)mazing(F#)things, and(G)all were made by(C)God.

Repeat Chorus twice


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