Album: LIKE TO DANCE  |  Song lyrics to: LITTLE THINGS

Lead Vocal: Angelique Konen
Music: Billy Blanco Jr.
Lyrics: Billy Blanco Jr., Peter Gehr, Cathy Gehr
Producer: Billy Blanco Jr.

"LITTLE THINGS" (with chords)

Intro: (C)Little things!(Dm)Little people!(G-G6-C)Yay!

(C)Little letters make those(Dm)great big(G)books. Giant fish are caught with little(C)hooks.
Little seconds fill up(Dm)many(G)hours. Great big gardens made of little(C)flowers.

Repeat Chorus

(C)Little things, little things! Little things, little things!

Verse 1
(C)Little people like(Dm)you and(G)me, are important, as you will(C)see.
If you’re kind In all you(C7)do each(F)day, your little deeds of(C)kindness will go(F)such a(G)long(C)way.

Repeat Chorus

(C)Little things, little things! Little things, little things!

Verse 2
A(C)little smile on a(Dm)little(G)face, makes the world around you a brighter(C)place.
A little sunshine on a(C7)rainy(F)day, brings out the colors of the(C)rainbow in a(F)beauti(G)ful(C)way.

Repeat Chorus

(Spoken:) (C)“Can you see the importance of little things?” “Oh, yes!”

(C)Little things, little things! Little things, little things!(D)Little things, little things! Little things, Yay!

Verse 3
(D)Don’t you worry(Em)if you’re(A)small, God loves the small, in-between and(D)tall.
And you can do a lot of(D7)good little(G)things,
And make God really(D)happy with the(G)joy that(A)you(D)bring.

(G)And make others(D)happy with the(G)joy that(A)you(D)bring.
(G)Make somebody(D)happy with the(G)joy that(A)you(D)bring.

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