Album: LIKE TO DANCE  |  Song lyrics to: TALK ABOUT IT

Lead Vocal: Vas Myers
Music & Lyrics: Peter Gehr
Producer: Laz Harris

"TALK ABOUT IT" (with chords)

Intro: (D-Dsus4-D-Dsus4) (D-Dsus4-C-G) (D-Dsus4-D-Dsus4) (D-Dsus4-C-G)

Verse 1
I went(D)up to my bedroom to be alone, I had gotten offended on the telephone.
I was(G)feeling so defeated, a little over-heated, I had to let off(D)steam.
Dad(A)knocked on my door, and he wanted to know more about(G)how I was feelin’ inside,
But I didn’t say much, ’cause we were out of touch—(A)it really hurt my pride.

Verse 2
So then he(D)asked if I wanted to take a walk, to work things out and have a little talk.
I(G)didn’t want to go, ’cause I didn’t really know if he’d ever under(D)stand.
But then I(A)made the decision to go walkin’ with him, and it(G)all worked out in the end.
Takin’ time to talk, it really helped a lot,(A)now we’re the best of friends. Woh ...

(G)Talk about it, talk, have good communication.(D)Talk about it, talk, keep up your conversations.
You(E)will be glad you did, open up and(A)talk about it.
Yeah,(G)talk about it, talk, work on your relations.(D)Talk about it, talk, give some cooperation.
You’ll(E)really benefit, open up and(A)talk about it.

(D-Dsus4-D-Dsus4) (D-Dsus4-C-G)

Verse 3
I had a(D)misunderstanding with a friend, and got all mixed up and couldn’t comprehend.
I(G)felt so confused, didn’t know what to do, and needed a helping(D)hand.
I went and(A)talked to my dad to see what advice he had,
And he(G)really seemed to understand. He said, “Now, son, you can be the one
To get things(A)straightened out with your friend. Go and ...

Repeat Chorus

(D)Yeah!(C-G) (D-C-G)

Verse 4
(D)I saw my next door neighbor looking sad. I asked him why he was feeling so bad.
He said he(G)didn’t wanna say. I said, “That’s okay, I think I under(D)stand.”
But then we(A)took a little walk, and had a little talk, and it(G)all worked out in the end.
He said, “Takin’ time to talk really helped me a lot.”(A)He really needed a friend to ...

Repeat Chorus

Yeah,(G)talk about it, talk. I said,(D)talk about it, talk.(E)You’ll be glad you did.(A)
(D)Yeah!(Dsus4-D)Talk about it.(Dsus4-D-Dsus4)(C-G)(D-Dsus4-D-Dsus4)(D-Dsus4-C-G)(D)

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