Album: LIKE TO DANCE  |  Song lyrics to: THE NUTRITION SONG

Lead Vocals: Michael Dooley, Paul Rushton, Angelina Dunbar, Joy Frances
Music: Michael Dooley
Lyrics: Michael Dooley, Cathy Gehr, Peter Gehr
Producer: Michael Dooley

"THE NUTRITION SONG" (with chords)

Intro: [Mr. Protein:] (B7)Good day to you! [Mr. Carbohydrate:] (C7)Good day to you!
[Miss Vitamin and Miss Mineral:] (B7)Good day to you, too!

Verse 1
(All:) We’re here to(E)sing you a song about the foods you need to grow (C#7)healthy and strong.
Let us introduce ourselves to you(F#7)one by one, and it’ll be a(B7)lot of fun
To learn(E)everything you need,(Gdim)all that you should eat. (F#m7)We’re so glad to meet(B7)you!

Verse 2 [Mr. Protein:]
I’m Mr.(E)Protein. I’ll help you grow up into strong(C#7)women and men.
If you’ve been sick, I’ll help you get(F#7)healthy again.
My name is Mr.(B7)Protein, and I’m here to help(E)you!(F-E)

Chorus 1
You can find me in(A)meat and eggs and(E)fish and chicken and(A)milk and yogurt and(E)cheese,
(A)Rice and nuts and(E)beans and grains and(F#7)even in lentils and(B)peas.
(He’s here to help,(C)he’s here to help(B)you.)

Verse 3 [Mr. Carbohydrate:]
The name’s Carbo(E)hydrate. I give you energy to work,(C#7)think and play.
I’ll keep you going strong through(F#7)out the day,
And you know I’d(B7)like to say, I’m so glad to meet(E)you!(F-E)

Chorus 2
You can find me in(A)bread and rice, po(E)tatoes and cereals,(A)fruits and veggies and(E)beans,
(A)Nuts and noodles and(E)sugar and honey, mo(F#7)lasses and everything(B7)sweet. (Bb7-Eb-Ab)

Verse 4
[Miss Vitamin:] My name’s Miss(Db)Vitamin,
[Miss Mineral:] And I’m Miss Mineral, her(Bb7)very good friend.
[Miss Vitamin and Miss Mineral:] We help protect when sicknesses(Eb7)try to get in,
And we’d like to(Ab7)tell you again, we’re so glad to meet(Db)you!(D-Db)

Chorus 3
You can find us in(Gb)oranges, lemons, pa(Db)payas, and pineapples,(Gb)guavas and tange(Db)rines,
(Gb)Fish and liver, to(Db)matoes and carrots,(Eb7)spinach and all kinds of(Ab)greens.
(They’re glad to meet,(A)they’re glad to meet(Ab)you!)

Verse 4
(All:) We’d like to(Db)tell you once more, to keep you strong and healthy is(Bb7)what we’re for.
We’re here to help you all to be(Eb7)healthy for sure. You will grow up(Ab7)more and more.
That’s why we tell(Db7)you to: Eat your greens(D7)and all your beans,(Eb7)your meat and cheese,
(E7)Your tangerines;(F7)finish the fish(F#7)from off your dish,
(G7)Eat all your rice,(G#7)and add some spice,(A7)it’s really nice.
(Bb7)You’ll like it if you(Eb7)try it,(Ab7)so have a balanced(Db6)diet.

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