Album: I LIKE TO ROCK  |  Song lyrics to: NO MORE NIGHTMARES

Lead Vocal: Angelique Konen
Music: Jeremy Spencer
Lyrics: Jeremy Spencer, Zeb Geppetto


One evening I relaxed,
I sat down with my favourite snack.
Then I put on some videos filled with
Violence, monsters, horror shows!

I went to sleep in my bed that night.
I woke up in a terrible fright!
I saw those monsters in my dreams [and I heard]
Evil laughter and horrible screams!

Nightmares, I was goin' through!
I was so scared, what was I to do?
I woke up and I started to pray:
Lord, take these bad dreams away!

No wonder this happened to me
When I was watchin' that kind of TV!
Fillin' my mind with that horror junk
Left me screamin' in my bunk from those

[Repeat Chorus]

Musical Interlude:
No!Enough of this!

So I decided to clean my mind
Of all of that garbage and leave it be hind.
And fill my thoughts with the kind of things
That bring happiness and joy so that I can sing:

Chorus 2
No more nightmares! Now I get beautiful dreams.
No more nightmares! No more screams!
Since I decided to change my ways
I got peaceful nights and brighter, happier days!

[Repeat Chorus 2]

No more nightmares!


"NO MORE NIGHTMARES" (with chords)

Intro: (C#m)-(D)-(C#m)-(B)-(E)-(A)-(B)
[Four times]

(E)One evening (A)I re(B)laxed,
(E)I sat down with my (A)favourite (B)snack.
(E)Then I put on some (A)vide(G#m)os filled with
(F#m)Violence, (G#m)monsters, (A)horror (B)shows!

(E)I went to sleep in my (A)bed that (B)night.
(E)I woke up in a (A)terrible (B)fright!
(F#m)I saw those (C#m)monsters (A)in my (B)dreams [and I heard]
(F#m)Evil (C#m)laughter and (A)horrible (B)screams!

(E)Nightmares, I was (A)goin' (B)through!
I was (E)so scared, what was (A)I to (B)do?
(E)I woke up and I (A)started to (B)pray:
(F#m)Lord, take (G#m)these bad (A)dreams a(B)way!

(E)No wonder this (A)happened to (B)me
(E)When I was watchin' that (A)kind of T(B)V!
(F#m)Fillin' my (C#m)mind with that (A)horror (B)junk
(F#m)Left me (C#m)screamin' (A)in my (B)bunk from those

[Repeat Chorus]

Musical Interlude:
(A)-(C#m)No!(D)Enough of this! (C#m)-(C)-(F)-(Bb)-(C)


(F)So I decided to (Bb)clean my (C)mind
Of (F)all of that garbage and (Bb)leave it be (C)hind.
And (F)fill my thoughts with the (Bb)kind of (C)things
That bring (Bb)happiness and (F)joy so that (Bb)I can (C)sing:

Chorus 2
No more (F)nightmares! Now I get (Bb)beautiful (C)dreams.
No more (F)nightmares! (Bb)No more (C)screams!
(Bb)Since I de(F)cided to (Bb)change my (C)ways
I got (Gm)peaceful (Am)nights and (Bb)brighter, happier (C)days!

[Repeat Chorus 2]

No more (Bb)night(F)mares! (Bb)-(F)

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