Album: I LIKE TO SING  |  Song lyrics to: I'M GLAD IT RAINED TODAY

Lead Vocal: Roberto F.
Lyrics by Michael Dooley, Cathy Gehr
Music by Michael Dooley
Arranged and engineered by S. De Bezenac


Verse 1
Well, we were just getting ready
To go out and have a picnic,
We had planned it all yesterday,
When all of a sudden
We heard the sound of thunder,
And saw the sky was turning gray.
And the rain, it started pouring
Down from the cloudy sky,
And we thought to ourselves,
"How boring, 'cause we'll have to stay inside!"

Verse 2
But the day wasn't done, and we had lots of fun,
Although we stayed inside, it's true.
We did a special project,
Went down to the workshop,
Discovered lots of different things to do.
We didn't forget our picnic,
We still had it in the afternoon.
We spread it out and ate it right there
On the floor of the livingroom.

So we're glad it rained today [it rained today],
Though at first we were a little bit sad.
We played and worked and had a yummy snack.
So we're glad it rained today!

Verse 3
Plus, the ducks and the frogs
In the swamps and the bogs
Were so glad when the rain came along.
And the farmers in the fields
Were so happy and thrilled
Their crops could grow up tall and strong!
So although we had been disappointed,
The rain had made others glad.
So when we think about the frogs and the farmers,
We don't feel quite so sad.

Repeat Chorus

There are many times when things go wrong,
And not the way we want them to,
But now we see that may be because
There's something so much better,
[Something so much better],
Much better for us to do.

Repeat Chorus


"I'M GLAD IT RAINED TODAY" (with chords)

Intro: (D)-(F#m/C#)-(Bm)-(D/A)(G)-(A)-(D)-(A)

Verse 1
Well, we were (D)just getting (F#m/C#)ready
To go (Bm)out and have a (D/A)picnic,
We had (Em)planned it all (Em/A)yester(D)day,(A)
When (D)all of a (F#m/C#)sudden
We (Bm)heard the sound of (D/A)thunder,
And (Em)saw the sky was turning (A)gray.
And the (Em)rain, it (A)started (D)pouring
Down from the (B)cloudy (Em)sky,
And we (G)thought to our(F#)selves,
"How (Bm)boring, 'cause we'll (Em)have to stay in(A)side!"

Verse 2
But the (D)day wasn't (F#m/C#)done, and we had (Bm)lots of (D/A)fun,
Al(Em)though we stayed in(A)side, it's (D)true.
We did a special (F#m/C#)project,
Went (Bm)down to the (D/A)workshop,
Dis(Em)covered lots of different things to (A)do.
We (Em)didn't for(A)get our (D)picnic,
We still had it in the (B)after(Em)noon.
We (G)spread it (F#)out and ate it (Bm)right there
On the (Em)floor of the living(A)room.

So we're (D)glad it (B)rained to(Em)day [it rained today],
Though at (Em/A)first we were a (A)little bit (D)sad.
We played and (B)worked and had a (Em)yummy (Gm6/Bb)snack.
So we're (D)glad it (A)rained (D)today!

Verse 3
Plus, the (D)ducks and the (F#m/C#)frogs
In the (Bm)swamps and the (D/A)bogs
Were so (Em)glad when the (A)rain came a(D)long.(A)
And the (D)farmers in the (F#m/C#)fields
Were so (Bm)happy and (D/A)thrilled
Their (Em)crops could grow up tall and (A)strong!
So al(Em)though we had been (A)disap(D)pointed,
The rain had made (B)others (Em)glad.
So when we (G)think about the (F#)frogs and the (Bm)farmers,
We (Em)don't feel quite so (A)sad.

Repeat Chorus

There are (G)many times when (Dmaj7/F#)things go wrong,
And (Em)not the way we (A)want them (D)to,
But (E)now we see that may (A)be be(F#)cause
There's (Bm)something so much better,
(E)[Something so much better],
(Bm7)Much better for us to (A)do.

Repeat Chorus

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