Album: I LIKE TO SING  |  Song lyrics to: MAMA, I REMEMBERED

Lead Vocal: Michelle Wysocki
Lyrics and music by Michael Dooley
Arranged and engineered by Michael Dooley


Verse 1
I was frying an egg on the kitchen stove,
When a friend called me up on the telephone.
Well, we got into talking, then to my surprise
I found that too much time had gone by.
I ran back to the kitchen and started to choke,
My egg had gone black & was turning to smoke!
My Mama came running, and I had to explain,
"Mama, I forgot again!"

Verse 2
I borrowed my Papa's new radio,
Took it out in the garden for my favorite show.
When it was finished, I went out for a ride,
And the radio just slipped my mind.
By the time I got down to the city park,
Thunder was rumbling & the sky was dark,
And my heart was a-sinking as it started to rain--
Papa, I forgot again!

There are so many things to remember to do;
The world is going faster & faster.
But when I get too busy, I forget, & then soon
The consequences are a disaster.

Verse 3
Well, my Papa & Mama, they love me a lot,
And they're trying to teach me what's right & what's not.
I need to take out the trash, and keep the yard clean, too;
It's really not that hard to do.
I need to water the flowers & feed the cat;
And when I don't remember, I hear about that!
'Cause when the flowers dry up & when the cat gets thin,
I hear, "Honey, you forgot again!"

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
So I woke up this morning & I tried real hard:
I took out the trash & I swept the yard,
I watered the flowers & I fed the cat--
I could tell that she was glad for that.
Then tonight at the table as we sat down to eat
I noticed my parents were being so sweet.
Papa was astonished, & my Mama was, too.
They said, "Honey you remembered!"
"Oh sweetheart you remembered!"
Papa, Mama, I remembered all that you asked me to do!


"MAMA, I REMEMBERED" (with chords)

Capo: 1st Fret

Intro: (G7)-(D7)-(E7)-(G7)-(D)-(B7)-(E7)-(A7)-(D)-(G)-(G#)-(A7)

Verse 1
I was (D)frying an (Em7)egg on the (F#m7)kitchen (Em7)stove,
When a (D)friend called me (Em7)up on the (F#m7)tele(B7)phone.
Well, we (Em)got into (A7)talking, then to (Em)my sur(A7)prise
I (E9)found that too much time had gone (A)by.(A+)
I ran (D)back to the (Em7)kitchen and (F#m7)started to (Em7)choke,
My (D)egg had gone (Em7)black & was (F#m7)turning to (B7)smoke!
My (Em)Mama came (A)running, and I (Em)had to ex(A)plain,
(E7)"Mama, I for(A)got a(D)gain!"(D7)


Verse 2
I (D)borrowed my (Em7)Papa's new (F#m7)radi(Em7)o,
Took it (D)out in the (Em7)garden for my (F#m7)favorite (B7)show.
(Em)When it was (A)finished, I went (Em)out for a (A)ride,
And the (E9)radio just slipped my (A)mind.
By the (D)time I got (Em7)down to the (F#m7)city (Em7)park,
(D)Thunder was (Em7)rumbling & the (F#m7)sky was (B7)dark,
And my (Em7)heart was a-(A)sinking as it (Em7)started to (A)rain--
(E7)Papa, I for(A)got a(D)gain!(D7/F#)

There are (G)so many (G#dim)things to (D/A)remember to (D)do;
The (G)world is going (G#dim)faster & (D/A)faster.(D7/F#)
But when (G)I get too (G#dim)busy, I (D/A)forget, & (A#dim)then (Bm)soon
The (E7)consequences are a (A)disaster.(A7)

Verse 3
Well, my (D)Papa & (Em7)Mama, they (F#m7)love me a (Em7)lot,
And they're (D)trying to (Em7)teach me what's (F#m7)right & what's (B7)not.
I need to (Em)take out the (A)trash, and keep the (Em)yard clean, (A)too;
It's (E9)really not that hard to (A7)do.
I need to (D)water the (Em7)flowers & (F#m7)feed the (Em7)cat;
And when (D)I don't re(Em7)member, I (F#m7)hear about (B7)that!
'Cause when the (Em)flowers dry (A)up & when the (Em)cat gets (A)thin,
I hear, (E9)"Honey, you for(A7)got a(D)gain!"

Instrumental Break: (G7)-(D7)(Bb7)-(A7)(D)-(F7)-(E7)-(Eb7)-(D7)-(Daug/F#)

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
So I (D)woke up this (Em7)morning & I (F#m7)tried real (Em7)hard:
I (D)took out the (Em7)trash & I (F#m7)swept the (B7)yard,
I (Em7)watered the (A)flowers & I (Em7)fed the (A)cat--
I could (E9)tell that she was glad for (A)that.(Aaug)
Then to(D)night at the (Em7)table as we (F#m7)sat down to (Em7)eat
I (D)noticed my (Em7)parents were (F#m7)being so (B7)sweet.
(Em)Papa was a(A)stonished, & my (Em)Mama was, (A)too.
They said, (E7)"Honey you remembered!"
"Oh (F7)sweetheart you remembered!"
Papa, (E7)Mama, I remembered (Em)all that (C9)you (A)asked (G9)me to (D7)do!


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