Album: LITTLE THINGS  |  Song lyrics to: HAPPINESS

Lead Vocal: Keiko McNally
Music: Gregory Janes
Lyrics: Gregory Janes, Cathy Gehr


Chorus 1
Happiness, happiness is making others happy.
Happiness, happiness is there for you and me.
Happiness, happiness, you can't buy with money.
Happiness, happiness can only be received, it's free.

So if you're looking for someone to make you happy,
Why don't you just go and give your love away?
And I know if you will live by this simple rule, that
You will find that happiness will find you today.

Chorus 2
Oh, happiness, happiness is walking right beside you.
Happiness, happiness is knocking at your door.
Happiness, happiness, you can't live without it.
Happiness, happiness, there's always more and more, I'm sure.

Repeat Verse

Repeat Chorus 1


"HAPPINESS" (with chords)

Capo: 2nd fret

Intro: (E)

Chorus 1
(A)Happiness, happiness is (D)making others (A)happy.
Happiness, happiness is (G)there for you and (E)me.
(A)Happiness, happiness, (D)you can't buy with (A)money.
Happiness, happiness can (G)only be re(D)ceived, it's (A)free.

So (E)if you're looking for (D)someone to make you (A)happy,
(E)Why don't you just go and (D)give your love a(A)way?
(E)And I know if you will (D)live by this (A)simple rule, that
(D)You will find that happi(A)ness will find you to(E)day.

Chorus 2
Oh, (A)happiness, happiness is (D)walking right be(A)side you.
Happiness, happiness is (G)knocking at your (E)door.
(A)Happiness, happiness, (D)you can't live with(A)out it.
Happiness, happiness, there's (G)always more and (D)more, I'm (A)sure.

Repeat Verse

Repeat Chorus 1

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