Album: LITTLE THINGS  |  Song lyrics to: THE CLOWN

Lead Vocal: Russel Alan Pratt
Music & Lyrics: Russel Alan Pratt


The clown put on a funny hat
Striped socks and baggy pants,
A big red nose and fuzzy wig,
A hat too small and shoes too big.
And last of all from his costume case,
The clown put on a smiling face.

He stepped into the circus tent,
His heart on just one thought was bent,
To make the crowd that waited there
Forget their loneliness and care,
And take their frowns and place a smile
On every man and woman and child.

Watch me and I'll make you laugh,
You'll chuckle at the way I act,
You'll see me happy I'll tell you why,
I'm making happy the other guy.
Instead of worrying about myself
I try to cheer up someone else.
When I give the joy that God gives me
I find that happiness finds me!

He jumped, he danced, he spun around,
He made his baggy pants fall down,
Did all he could to make them laugh,
Even if they thought him daft!
Till on everyone in every place
A smile was beaming on every face!

One little girl cried out with glee,
"How wonderful that it must be
To make the World a better place
By making glad the saddened face.
More than all the things I'd like to do
I want to be a clown like you!"

[Repeat chorus]

How like the clown Jesus came
Help-ing others, not seeking fame.
He put on the clothes of humanity
In this circus World of vanity,
And showed us by the way He lived
That we through Him could learn to give,
And like the clown go the extra mile
Helping other people smile.

[Repeat chorus]

When I give the joy that God gives me
I find that happiness finds me!


"THE CLOWN" (with chords)

Intro: (D)-(G)-(D)-(A)-(D)[Twice]

The (D)clown put on a (G)funny hat
(A)Striped socks and (D)baggy pants,
A (G)big red nose and (D)fuzzy wig,
A (Em)hat too (F#m)small and (G)shoes too (A)big.
And (Bm)last of all from his (F#m)costume case,
The (G)clown put (F#m)on a (Em)smi(A7)ling (D)face.


He (D)stepped into the (G)circus tent,
His (A)heart on just one (D)thought was bent,
To (G)make the crowd that (D)waited there
For(Em)get their (F#m)loneli(G)ness and (A)care,
And (Bm)take their frowns and (F#m)place a smile
On (G)every (F#m)man and (Em)woman (A7)and (D)child.

(G)Watch me and I'll (A)make you laugh,
You'll (D)chuckle at the (D7)way I act,
You'll (G)see me happy I'll (A)tell you why,
I'm (D)making happy the (F#dim)other guy.
In(G)stead of worrying a(A)bout myself
I (D)try to cheer up (F#dim)someone else.
When I (Em)give the joy that (A)God gives me
I (G)find that (D)happi(Em)ness (A7)finds (D)me!


He (D)jumped, he danced, he (G)spun around,
He (A)made his baggy (D)pants fall down,
Did (G)all he could to (D)make them laugh,
(Em)Even (F#m)if they (G)thought him (A)daft!
Till on (Bm)everyone in (F#m)every place
A (G)smile was (F#m)beaming on (Em)ever(A7)y (D)face!


One (D)little girl cried (G)out with glee,
"How (A)wonderful that it (D)must be
To (G)make the World a (D)better place
By (Em)making (F#m)glad the (G)saddened (A)face.
More than (Bm)all the things I'd (F#m)like to do
I (G)want to (F#m)be a (Em)clown (A7)like (D)you!"(G)-(D)

[Repeat chorus]


How (D)like the clown (G)Jesus came
(A)Help-ing others, not (D)seeking fame.
He (G)put on the clothes of hu(D)manity
In this (Em)circus (F#m)World of (G)vani(A)ty,
And (D)showed us by the (G)way He lived
That (A)we through Him could (D)learn to give,
And (Bm)like the clown go the (F#m)extra mile
(G)Helping (F#m)other (Em)peo(A7)ple (D)smile.(G)-(D)

[Repeat chorus]


When I (Em)give the joy that (A)God gives me
I (G)find that (D)happi(Em)ness (A7)finds (D)me!

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