Album: MAGIC OF LOVE  |  Song lyrics to: YOU CAN SHARE MY LIGHT

Music: Esther David
Lyrics: Esther David, Cathy Gehr


You can share my light,
You can share my song,
You can share my hap-py love,
Come and sing along.

Come along and sing a song
But please don't sing the blues.
So much is right, much more than wrong
And we have happy news.

[Repeat chorus]

Sing it out, don't hold it back
And more will come your way.
So sing this happy melody
To brighten up your day.

[Repeat chorus]

Come and sing along!
Come and sing along!


"YOU CAN SHARE MY LIGHT" (with chords)

Capo: 2nd Fret


(D)You can share my (A)light,
(D)You can share my (A)song,
(D)You can share my (A)hap-py love,
(E)Come and sing a(A)long.

(A)Come along and (F#m)sing a song
But (E)please don't sing the (A)blues.
So much is right, much (F#m)more than wrong
And (E)we have happy (A)news.

[Repeat chorus]

(A)Sing it out, don't (F#m)hold it back
And (E)more will come your (A)way.
So sing this happy (F#m)melody
To (E)brighten up your (A)day.

[Repeat chorus]

(E)Come and sing a(A)long!
(E)Come and sing a(A)long!

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