Album: MAGICAL POWER  |  Song lyrics to: BART

Lead Vocal: Kevin Oliveira
Music & Lyrics: Emmanuel Gilligan
Producer: Emmanuel Gilligan



Blind Bart by the old highway

Could not see the light of day

Heard a tumult, found out why

The Son of Man was passing by

Jesus Heard his voice above the crowd

Call His Name so very loud

Told the crowd to let him through,

Said "Bart, what can I do for you"

Have no fear, only believe

Bart said "that I might

Receive my.....sight!"

Receive my sight!

We look, sometimes we only find

That blind are leaders of the blind

So blind as those who will not see

What's going on, or what's to be

Say, "Mercy, mercy on me please!"

You heal the sick, You cure disease"

Do all things well, do all things right

My prayer is to....

Receive my sight!

Receive my sight!

Now, Bart was glad as Bart could be

He saw the flowers, saw the trees

Saw the Man who healed his eyes

Made dumb to speak, dead to rise

He's with us now, He'll never leave

No need to cry, no need to grieve

If you can't see clear, He'll say receive..

Your sight!

Thank You I received my sight

Thank You I can see the Light

Thank You that it is so bright

Thank You I received my sight!

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