Album: MAGICAL POWER  |  Song lyrics to: MARY, NOT A MARTHA

Lead Vocals: John Listen, Crystal Begley, Niki Rudow, Lily Kitano, Joanna Carruthers
Music & Lyrics: John Listen
Producer: John Listen

"MARY, NOT A MARTHA" (with chords)

Chorus 1

Lord, I wanna be a (C7) Mary, not a Martha. (F)

(C7) Lord, I wanna be a Mary, not a Martha. (F) (Yeah!) (Dm)

Verse 1

(Dm) Jesus visit Mary and (C) Martha one day,

(Bb) Martha was busy, kept (C) workin' away.

(Dm) She got dinner cookin', (C) washin' pots and pans.

(Bb) "Hey, Mary, come and (C) give me a hand!" (Dm)

But (F) Mary seemed to know that was (Eb) no ordinary day.

(Dm) "The Master's here, gotta (C) hear what He has to say."

(Dm) Martha frettin' 'bout (F) what they should eat,

While (C7) Mary was havin' a feast at His (F) feet, yeah.

(C7) (Feast at His (F) feet.)

Chorus 2

Lord, I wanna be a (C7) Mary, not a Martha.(F) (Woh, oh)

(C7) Lord, I wanna be a Mary, not a Martha.(F) (Woh-oh, yeah-ah) (Dm)

Verse 2

Ooh, (Dm) like Martha I start to(C)day in a tizzy;

(Bb) Got a check to stop, in(C)stead I got busy.

(Dm) "I wanna hear You, Lord, be (C) back in a minute…"

(Bb) But I missed my chance, the day be(C)gins, and I'm in it: (Aw!)

Minor section

(Dm) Our friends are comin' over, (Dm7/A) so I gotta clean up,

(Dm) Before school I gotta (Dm7/A) hang my wet jeans up.

(Dm) I take the baby while her (Dm7/A) mama's in a meeting;

(Dm) Not even lunch, and my (Dm7/A) spirit takes a beating.

(Dm) Then I go for outreach and (Dm7/A) do a little follow-up;

(Dm) Seem like my time with You (Dm7/A) just get swallowed up.

(F7/A) Woh,(Bb) woh,(F) woh…(Am7-13)

(Dm) Get home, wiped out,(C) step into the shower;

(Bb) I start to thinkin' where my (C) day gone sour,

(Dm) When I coulda stopped, coulda (C) got more power;

(Bb) Take some Temple Time at an (C) earlier hour.(Dm)

(F) Oh, hundred-to-one, bet you're (Eb) just like me: (yeah-ah)

(Dm) You love Jesus, but you (C) get busy.

Your to (Dm) days are too short, your To- (F) Do's are too long;

(C7) That's when you stop and you sing this (F) song!

(Join (C7) in with this (F) song...)

Chorus 3

Oh, yes, Lord, I wanna be a (C7)Mary, not a Martha.(F) (Mary, wanna be like you!)

Lord, I wanna be a (C7) Mary, not a Martha. ((F) Woh, oh,(Dm) yeah-ah)


(Am) Don't get me wrong, God ap(Dm)preciates the work you do.

(Am) Jesus washed feet, yeah, He (Dm) even cooked fishes, too.

(Gm) Spent His days movin' round, (Dm) healing from town to town--

(Bbsus2) What was it, kept Him from (Csus4) gettin' down? (I'll tell ya…)

Minor section 2

(Dm) Got up early, be(Dm7/A)fore the day start up;

(Dm) Went to a place where (Dm7/A) He could fill His heart up.

(Dm) He spent some time just (Dm7/A) talking to His Father;

(Dm) Believe me, brother, He (Dm7/A) got a lot farther.

(Dm) He got His plans way a(Dm7/A)head of the battle;

(Dm) Kept His antenna up and (Dm7/A) didn't get rattled.

(Dm) He took the time for some (Dm7/A) Heavenly feedin',

(Dm) So He could know just where His (Dm7/A) Father was a-leadin'.

(F7/A) Woh,(Bb) woh,(F) Mister, you can try to(Eb)row your boat with one oar---

(Dm) You'll go in circles---a (C) bad way to reach shore.

(Dm) Now if you're lookin' for (F) a better way,

Then (C7) let me hear you say, (F) "Lord. . .

Chorus 4

I wanna be a (C7) Mary, not a Martha. (F) Yeah,

Ooh, I want to be like a (C7) Mary more than a Martha.

(F) (Mary, wanna be like you!)

I wanna be like a (C7) Mary, not a Martha.

(F) (Want to be, want to be, want to be like a

(C7) Mary, not a Martha.)

(F) Lord, I wanna, I wanna be like a, be like a

(C7) Mary, (Oh yeah!) not a Martha (Oh no!).

(F) (Martha, I love you, too!)

But I wanna be like a (C7) Mary (be a Mary), not a Martha (be a Mary).

(F) Wo-(C/E)oh,(Am7) I wanna be like(C)Ma(Dm)ry!

Break & continue to End: (Dm-Am7-Dm-Am7-Dm-Am7-Dm-Am7)

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