Album: MAGICAL POWER  |  Song lyrics to: WAM BAM

Lead Vocal: Arthur Gilligan, Kevin Oliveira, Nat
Music: Emmanuel Gilligan
Lyrics: Eliza, Emmanuel Gilligan
Producer: Emmanuel Gilligan


(All Rapped in E7)

Chorus 1

Wham! Bam! Junk the punk!

When you fight the fight, do it with some spunk, say

Wham! Bam! Junk the punk

We’re not gonna quit & we’re not gonna monkey around,

‘Til he’s flat on the ground

Verse 1

Slam him! Ram him! Thrash him! Then trash him!

Attack him and whack him and punch him and pack him!

Take the offense--don't ever despair!

The old punk's power works only through fear.

So be bold and brave, and stand up for the right

Power up your punches and give him a fight!

Rebuke his darkness! Let in the light!

Konk him and zonk him right outta sight! Go...

Chorus 2

Wham! Bam! & Junk the punk

Don’t just lie there on your bunk, go

Wam! Bam! Junk the punk

We’re not gonna quit & we’re not gonna monkey around,

No, sir!

Verse 2

Just toss him the truth and yell in his face,

"Get outta here, you rotter! I give you no place!

Take that!" Powee! Thrash him like that!

"I resist & rebuke you! Scram, you foul rat!"

Neutralize, vaporize boil him and foil him!

Show'm who's boss and give him a toss!

Fight his dirty deeds--pluck'm out like weeds!

Root'm out! Throw'm 'round! Down to the ground!

Rise up and fight and show him your might--go...

Repeat Chorus 1

Verse 3

Get behind me, you Devil, you skunk and you punk!

I want no part of your slimy junk!

"In the Name of Jesus we take this stand,

Take that, you imps, and get off of our land!

Join hand in hand, unite for the fight!

There's power in one, but two's outta sight!

The punk can't win, so we won't surrender,

Take that, catch that!"--Send'm for a bender!

Repeat Chorus 1

Repeat Chorus 2

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