Lead Vocal: Jeremy Spencer
Music: Jeremy Spencer
Lyrics: Jeremy Spencer, Cathy Gehr


When stars fill the sky and the day's at its end,
I talk to my Friend who's always with me.
And when I'm in my bed I don't have to be frightened,
I know my Friend Jesus is always with me, always with me.

After Mommy's tucked me in, everything I tell to Him.
All the time I am speaking He is there,
hearing my prayer, hearing my prayer.

I am safe in the night, I have a Friend beside me.
I know Jesus is with me, He's always with me.
And if I should awake and Mom and Daddy are sleeping,
I know my Friend is with me, He's always with me, always with me.

I know that He's not too busy to take the time to care for me.
He knows my name and where I live, His Love is so big,
His Love is so big!

[Repeat first verse]

Always with me.


"ALWAYS WITH ME" (with chords)

Intro: (D)

(D)When stars fill the (A)sky (Bm)and the day's at its (A)end,
(G)I talk to my (D)Friend who's (A)always with (D)me.(A)
(D)And when I'm in my (A)bed (Bm)I don't have to be (A)frightened,
(G)I know my Friend (D)Jesus is (A)always with (D)me, (A)always with (D)me.

(G)After Mommy's tucked me (A)in, (G)everything I tell to (D)Him.
(Bm)All the time I am (A)speaking (Em)He is (Bm7)there,
(Em)hearing my (A)prayer, (G)hearing my (A)prayer.

(D)I am safe in the (A)night, (Bm)I have a Friend be(A)side me.
(G)I know Jesus is (D)with me, He's (A)always with (D)me.(A)
(D)And if I should a(A)wake (Bm)and Mom and Daddy are (A)sleeping,
(G)I know my Friend is (D)with me, He's (A)always with (D)me, (A)always with (D)me.

(G)I know that He's not too (A)busy (G)to take the time to care for (D)me.
(Bm)He knows my (A)name and (Em)where I (Bm)live, His (Em)Love is so (A)big,
His (G)Love is so (A)big!

[Repeat first verse]

(A)Always with (D)me.

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