Music: Cathy Gehr
Lyrics: David Berg


In the daytime it's so loud
I feel I'm blotted out by the noise and glare.
But at night it's all so quiet,
I know God hears my prayer.
And He shows me around the Universe
I can ride on the Milky Way.
I can watch the golden moon rise
And hope it has come there to stay.

So if your days are loud and weary
And you feel you can not be heard,
Wait for the night, my deary,
When God hears the tiniest bird.

When everything else is quiet
And all the others are in bed,
I know that God knows I'm living,
His Voice kind of sounds in my head.
And I feel so close to Heaven, yes,
I feel I could touch the sky!
'Cause at night there's nobody closer
Than dear Jesus, Who keeps me all night.

[Repeat chorus]

And if I think that nobody loves me,
I wait for the sun to set.
And the stars come out to entice me,
And I know I'm God's Own pet!

[Repeat chorus]


"SOUNDS IN THE NIGHT" (with chords)

Intro: (C)-(F)-(C)-(F)-(C)-(F)-(C)-(F)

In the (C)daytime (Dm)it's so (F)loud
I (G)feel I'm blotted (C)out by the (Dm)noise and (G)glare.
But at (C)night (Dm)it's (F)all so (G)quiet,
I (C)know God (F)hears my (C)prayer.
And He (Em)shows me around the (Am)Universe
I can (F)ride on the (G)Milky (C)Way.
I can (Em)watch the golden (Am)moon rise
And (F)hope it has come there to (G)stay.

So (C)if your (Dm)days are (F)loud and (G)weary
And you (C)feel you can (Dm)not be (G)heard,
(C)Wait for the (F)night, my (G)deary,
When God (C)hears the (F)tiniest (C)bird.


When (C)every(Dm)thing (F)else is (G)quiet
And (C)all the others (Dm)are in (G)bed,
I (C)know that (Dm)God (F)knows I'm (G)living,
His (C)Voice kind of (F)sounds in my (C)head.
And I (Em)feel so close to (Am)Heaven, yes,
I (F)feel I could (G)touch the (C)sky!
'Cause at (Em)night there's nobody (Am)closer
Than dear (F)Jesus, Who keeps me all (G)night.

[Repeat chorus]

Musical Break: (Dm)-(F)-(C)-(F)-(C)

And if I (Em)think that nobody (Am)loves me,
I (F)wait for the (G)sun to (C)set.
And the (Em)stars come out to en(Am)tice me,
And I (F)know I'm God's Own (G)pet!

[Repeat chorus]


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