Album: SAFE IN THE NIGHT  |  Song lyrics to: STARS

Lead Vocal: Russel Alan Pratt
Music & Lyrics: Russel Alan Pratt
Producer: Russel Alan Pratt


Verse 1
The sun is gone, the day has ended,
Darkness on the world descends,
But even in the darkest night
The stars shine on with twinkling light.
For those who hope for a new day
And wandering souls who've lost their way,
The stars shine on and seem to say,
"Trust God His love will never fail."

Verse 2
How like the stars we should be,
Shining in darkness faithfully,
Pointing the way from up above
To Jesus Christ, the Son of love.
Just shining with His light alone,
They beckon to the world below,
And light the path of those who roam
And call the weary traveler home.

And when the dark
Around us lies,
The wise will shine
Bright as the sky,
And those who turn
The wrong to right
Will always shine with Jesus' light.

Verse 3
Crowns of stars await to rest
Upon the heads of those who bless
This troubled world with words of life
And guide the pilgrims through the night,
Lighting the way 'til morning dawns
And all God's children join in song,
Gathering from near and far
To Him, the Bright and Morning Star.


"STARS" (with chords)

Intro: (C)-(Cmaj7)-(F)-(G)-(C)-(Cmaj7)-(F)-(G)

Verse 1
(C)The sun is gone, (Cmaj7)the day has ended,
(F)Darkness on the (G)world descends,
(C)But even in (Cmaj7)the darkest night
The (F)stars shine on with (G)twinkling light.
(Am)For those who hope for (Em)a new day
(F)And wandering souls who've (G)lost their way,
(Am)The stars shine on and (Em)seem to say,
"Trust (F)God His (Dm7)love will (G)never (C)fail."


Verse 2
(C)How like the stars (Cmaj7)we should be,
(F)Shining in darkness (G)faithfully,
(C)Pointing the way (Cmaj7)from up above
To (F)Jesus Christ, the (G)Son of love.
(Am)Just shining with His (Em)light alone,
(F)They beckon to the (G)world below,
(Am)And light the path of (Em)those who roam
And (F)call the (Dm7)weary (G)traveler (C)home. (C7)

(Dm)And when the (Em)dark
A(F)round us (G)lies,
(Dm)The wise will (Em)shine
Bright (F)as the (G)sky,
And (C)those who (Em7)turn
The (Am)wrong to (Am7/G)right
(Bb)Will always shine with (G)Jesus' light.


Verse 3
(C)Crowns of stars (Cmaj7)await to rest
U(F)pon the heads of (G)those who bless
(C)This troubled world (Cmaj7)with words of life
And (F)guide the pilgrims (G)through the night,
(Am)Lighting the way 'til (Em)morning dawns
(F)And all God's children (G)join in song,
(Am)Gathering from (Em)near and far
To (F)Him, the (Dm7)Bright and (G)Morning (C)Star.


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