Album: SIESTA STREET  |  Song lyrics to: DREAMLANDS

Lead Vocal: John Listen
Music: Mike D.
Lyrics: Mike D., Cathy Gehr, Peter Gehr
Producer: Mike D.


Verse 1
When I was a little boy
My daddy said to me,
"When the lights go out,
The angels come to visit me.
'Follow us,' they say,
'To another place.'"

Verse 2
When I was a little boy.
My dad said, "Try and see."
So when the lights went out,
I lay expectantly.
And as my eyes began to close,
The lights went dim, the moon arose,
And a voice sang happily, yeah,

"Fly with me now
In another place.
Fly with me now,
In the Dreamlands you can play.
The world of love, it beckons to you,
Wonders you have never seen
Unfold as you drift slowly off to sleep
And drift into the Dreamlands.

Hey, hey, hey.

Verse 3
Little boys and little girls are always welcome there
Where dreams are good, some funny,
Where sparkles kiss the air.
So when upon your bed you lay,
Just close your eyes and as you pray,
You'll hear them softly say, hey, hey,

Repeat Chorus

Hey, hey, hey.
Fly with me now.
Hey, hey, hey, ey, ey.


"DREAMLANDS" (with chords)

Intro: (F)-(B)-(Dm)-(B) (F)-(B)-(Dm))-((B)

Verse 1
(F)When I was a (Bb)little boy
My (F)daddy said to (Bb)me,
(F)"When the lights go (Bb)out,
The angels (Dm)come to visit (Bb)me.
(Gm)'Follow (C)us,' they say,
(Gm)'To a(C)nother place.'"


Verse 2
(F)When I was a (Bb)little boy.
My (F)dad said, "Try and (Bb)see."
So (F)when the lights went (Bb)out,
I (Dm)lay expectant(Bb)ly.
(Gm)And as my (C)eyes began to (Gm)close,
The lights went (C)dim, the moon a(Gm)rose,
And a (Bb)voice sang happi(C)ly, (Bb)yeah,

"Fly with me (F)now(Bb)
In an(Dm)other place. (Bb)
Fly with me (F)now, (Bb)
In the (Dm)Dreamlands you can (Bb)play.
The (Gm)world of love, it (C)beckons to you,
(Gm)Wonders you have (C)never seen
Un(Gm)fold as you drift (Bb)slowly off to (C)sleep(Bb)
And drift into the (F)Dreamlands.

(Bb)Hey, hey, (Dm)hey. (Bb)

Verse 3
(F)Little boys and (Bb)little girls are (F)always welcome (Bb)there
(F)Where dreams are good, some (Bb)funny,
Where (Dm)sparkles kiss the (Bb)air.
(Gm)So when u(C)pon your bed you (Gm)lay,
Just close your (C)eyes and as you (Gm)pray,
You'll (Bb)hear them softly (C)say, hey, (Bb)hey,

Repeat Chorus

(Bb)Hey, hey, (Dm)hey. (Bb)
Fly with me (F)now. (Bb)
Hey, hey, (Dm)hey, ey, (Bb)ey.

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