Album: SIESTA STREET  |  Song lyrics to: MY BOAT IS SO LITTLE

Lead Vocal: Yutaka Kondo, John Listen, Akari, Lily, Jasper
Music: Traditional
Lyrics: Translated from a traditional Norwegian song, (Michael Dooley, Maria P., additional verses written by Cathy Gehr & Peter Gehr)
Producer: Peter Gehr


Verse 1
My boat is so little, the ocean's so wide,
And sometimes the waves loudly roar
But God and His angels are close by my side,
They'll steer my boat safely to shore.

Verse 2
Though winds blow so fiercely, I won't fear the storm,
For angels are holding my hand.
With their arms around me I'm safe and warm
All the way to God's heavenly land.

Verse 3
If I close my eyes and then go right to sleep,
I'll make the night go quickly by.
In the morning when I will open my eyes
The daylight will shine with a smile.

Verse 4
So snuggled securely in my little boat
I'll sail through the night in my dreams.
My guardian angels will bless me with peace,
And make the sea sparkle and gleam.

Here I am on my little boat sailing on the big blue ocean.
I'm in safe and calm waters, and the wind is filling my sails.
The Skipper is right here beside me, and I'm so happy to be on board.
Land ho! Land ho!


"MY BOAT IS SO LITTLE" (with chords)

Intro: (A)-(E)-(D)-(A)-(D)-(A)-(D)-(A)-(E)-(A)

Verse 1
My (A)boat is so little, the (Asus2)ocean's so (A)wide,
And (D)sometimes the (E)waves loudly (A)roar
But (D)God and His angels are (A)close by my side,
They'll (E)steer my boat safely to (A)shore.

Verse 2
Though (A)winds blow so fiercely, I (Asus2)won't fear the (A)storm,
For (D)angels are (E)holding my (A)hand. (A7)
With (D)their arms around me (A)I'm safe and warm
All the (E)way to God's heavenly (A)land.


Verse 3
If (A)I close my eyes and then (Asus)go right to (A)sleep,
I'll (D)make the night (E)go quickly (A)by.
In the (D)morning when I will (A)open my eyes
The (E)daylight will shine with a (A)smile.

Verse 4
So (A)snuggled securely in (Asus2)my little (A)boat
I'll (D)sail through the (E)night in my (A)dreams.(A7)
My (D)guardian angels will (A)bless me with peace,
And (E)make the sea sparkle and (A)gleam.

(A)Here I am on my little boat (E)sailing (D)on the (A)big blue ocean.
(D)I'm in safe and calm waters, and the (A)wind is filling my sails.
(D)The Skipper is right here beside me, (A)and I'm so happy to be on board.
(E)Land ho! (A)Land ho!

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