Album: BREAK AWAY  |  Song lyrics to: CHILDREN OF THE SUN

Lead vocal: Vas Myers
Lyrics: Stephen Reid
Music: Stephen Reid, Vas Myers, Peter Gehr
Producer: Vas Myers

Verse 1
A tiny band of weary knights,
Returning from their endless fights,
Dirty, bruised & bedraggled
From some defeat in battle,
Approached a great, walled, pompous city,
Gray & proud & forbidding.
They looked for refuge there,
But the System refused to care.

Chorus 1
We are children of the Sun,
From every land & tribe we've come,
Rejected by this generation,
Marching toward our heavenly nation.

Verse 2
As they left & trudged on past,
Tired & worn, until at last
They came upon a village
In which a filthy beggar lay in a wayside ditch.
Their hearts reached out to the beggar's cries,
And as the tears came to their eyes,
They said, "That we are just like you,
So come & join us, too."

Chorus 2
We are soldiers of the Lord.
Take up the Word, it’s your sword.
The gates of Hell shall not prevail,
'Cause love & faith will never fail.

Music break: ---- repeat four times

Verse 3
As they rode toward the horizon,
Sunset skies they kept their eyes on.
Instead of getting small, they grew
And filled the sky with others too
Who joined them, & they left behind
The System that was so unkind.
This story is the truth, not lies;
It's happening before your eyes.

Repeat Chorus 1

Repeat Chorus 2

Chorus 3
We are soldiers of the King,
And Jesus leads us as we sing,
'Cause in the end we'll win, you see,
'Cause Jesus has the victory!


"CHILDREN OF THE SUN" (with chords)

Intro: (E)-(F#m)-(B)-(E)-(C#m) repeat two times

Verse 1
(F#m)A tiny band of (B)weary knights,
(E)Returning from their (C#m)endless fights,
(F#m)Dirty, bruised (B)& bedraggled
(E)From some de(C#m)feat in battle,
(F#m)Approached a great, walled, (B)pompous city,
(E)Gray & proud (C#m)& forbidding.
(F#m)They looked for (B)refuge there,
But the (F)System refused to (C#m)care.


Chorus 1
(A)We are children (F#m)of the Sun,
(B)From every land & (C#m)tribe we've come,
(A)Rejected by this (F#m)generation,
(A)Marching toward our (B)heavenly nati(E)on.

Verse 2
(F#m)As they left & (B)trudged on past,
(E)Tired & worn, (C#m)until at last
(F#m)They came upon a (B)village
In which a (E)filthy beggar lay in a (C#m)wayside ditch.
(F#m)Their hearts reached out (B)to the beggar's (E)cries,
And as the tears came (C#m)to their eyes,
They (F#m)said, "That we are (B)just like you,
(E)So come & (C#m)join us, too."


Chorus 2
(A)We are soldiers (F#m)of the Lord.
(B)Take up the (C#m)Word, it’s your sword.
(A)The gates of Hell shall (F#m)not prevail,
'Cause (A)love & faith will (B)never fa(E)il.

Music break: (E)-(F#m)-(B)-(F)-(C#m) repeat four times

Verse 3
(F#m)As they rode toward (B)the horizon,
(E)Sunset skies they (C#m)kept their eyes on.
(F#m)Instead of getting (B)small, they grew
(E)And filled the sky with (C#m)others too
(F#m)Who joined them, & they (B)left behind
The (E)System that was (C#m)so unkind.
(F#m)This story is the (B)truth, not lies;
(E)It's happening be(C#m)fore your eyes.

Repeat Chorus 1

Repeat Chorus 2

Chorus 3
(A)We are soldiers (F#m)of the King,
(B)And Jesus leads us (G#m)as we sing,
(A)'Cause in the end we'll (F#m)win, you see,
'Cause (A)Jesus has the (B)victor(E)y!

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