Album: BOLD AND BRAVE  |  Song lyrics to: UNTO YOU

Lyrics & Music: Gloria

Verse 1
Seems like the sunshine,
Feels like the dew,
Warm and refreshing when I look to You.
Tears are for gotten,
Pride washed away;
You make life so easy when I just obey.

Unto You, O my Strength, will I sing;
You are my Defense, and the God of my mercy.
The righteous shall be glad in You, Lord, and all the upright
In heart shall glory.

Verse 2
Sometimes I am tempted to
Look at the waves,
Forgetting your promise of triumph through praise;
But You're always faithful to
Just remind me
Of the joy of Salvation and my Family.

[Repeat Chorus]


[Repeat last chorus]


"UNTO YOU" (with chords)

Verse 1
(D)Seems like the (F#m)sunshine,
(Bm)Feels (G)like the dew,
(C)Warm and (Bb)refreshing when (F)I look to (G)You.
(D)Tears are for (F#m)gotten,
(Bm)Pride washed (G)away;
(C)You make life so (Bb)easy when (F)I just o(G)bey.

Unto (C)You, O my (C/B)Strength, will I (Am)sing; (Am/G)
(Dm)You are my De(C)fense, and the (F)God of my mer(F)cy.
The (C)righteous shall be (C/B)glad in You, Lord, (Am)and all the upright(Am/G)
In heart shall (F)glory.(G)

Verse 2
(D)Sometimes I am (F#m)tempted to
(Bm)Look at the (G)waves,
(C)Forgetting your (Bb)promise of (F)triumph through (G)praise;
(D)But You're always (F#m)faithful to
(Bm)Just re(G)mind me
(C)Of the joy of Sal(Bb)vation and (F)my Famil(G)y.

[Repeat Chorus]


[Repeat last chorus]

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