Album: BREAK OUT  |  Song lyrics to: GOD AND MAMMON

Bible Ref: Matthew 6:24
Music & Lyrics: Jeremy Spencer
Lead Vocal: Sam Halbert


No man can serve two masters,
For either he will hate the one,
And love the other;
Or else he will hold to the one,
And despise the other,
Ye cannot serve God and mammon

Ah, ah ah, ah, ah, ah
Ye cannot serve God and mammon


"GOD AND MAMMON" (with chords)

[Capo on 1st fret]
Intro: (F#m)-(E)-(F#m)-(E)

(F#m)No man can (E)serve two (F#m)masters,
(C#m7)For (F#m)either he will (E)hate the one,
And (A)love the (E)other;
(F#m)Or else he will (E)hold to the one,
And de(C#m)spise the (D)other,
Ye (F#m)cannot serve (E)God and (F#m)mammon (E)-(F#m)-(E)

Ah, ah (F#m)ah, (E)ah, (C#m)ah, (D)ah
Ye (F#m)cannot serve (E)God and (F#m)mammon

Musical Interlude: (E)-(F#m)-(E)-(F#m)

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