Album: COUNTRY TO COUNTRY  |  Song lyrics to: LORD OF LOVE

Lead vocal: Russel Alan Pratt
Lyrics and Music: Russel Alan Pratt


The wind is howling' in the heavens
The waves are risen' high
The thunder rolls and lightning flashes
Set the lonely night on fire!
When I find myself a-fallin'
It's good to know You're near
In the dark I hear You callin'
Tellin' me not to fear!

Lord of love, rescue me!
I can't make it on my own
The storms of life will overwhelm me
Lord of love, guide me home!
Lord of love, strengthen me!

When the sky is black with clouds
And dark the troubled sea
The stars I chart my course by
Are Your promises to me
Now You said You would protect me
If I would follow You
So I'm thankful for these storms of life
For they drive me close to You!

[Repeat Chorus]


Uphold me with Your hand
Give me courage to go onward
You're the only One who -can!-

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

"LORD OF LOVE" (with chords)

The wind is (A/E)howling' in the (E)heavens
The (B)waves are risen' (E)high
The thunder (A/E)rolls and lightning (E)flashes
Set the (F#m)lonely night on (B)fire!
When I (A/E)find myself a-(E)fallin'
It's (B)good to know You're (E)near
In the (A)dark I hear You (E)callin'
Tellin' (B)me not to (E)fear!

Lord of (A)love, rescue (E)me!
I can't (B)make it on my (E)own
The storms of (A)life will over(E)whelm me
Lord of (B)love, guide me (E)home!
Lord of (A)love, strengthen (E)me!

When the (A/E)sky is black with (E)clouds
And (B)dark the troubled (E)sea
The (A/E)stars I chart my (E)course by
Are Your (F#m)promises to (B)me
Now You (A/E)said You would pro(E)tect me
If (B)I would follow (E)You
So I'm (A)thankful for these (E)storms of life
For they (B)drive me close to (E)You!

[Repeat Chorus]

Instrumental: (E)

Up(B)hold me with Your (E)hand
Give me (A)courage to go (E)onward
You're the (B)only One who (D)-(E)can!(D)-(E)

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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