Album: FREE AS THE WIND  |  Song lyrics to: BEAUTIFUL DAY

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza



It's a beautiful (G) day

I know I'm on my (Em7) way

I don't care what they (C) say

I know I'll be o(D)kay, it's a beautiful (G) day (Ds4)

Don't know how long it will last,

Hope it won't happen too fast,

My horizon is vast,

I wave goodbye to the past, it's a beautiful day.

It's (C) been a long (D) night without (G) seeing the (C) light

The (Am7) sun shining (D) bright's almost (G) hurting my (C) eyes

But I'm (Am7) breathing in (D) life with all my (G) might (D)



(C) Take all that pain away, today is the day to stop (G) crying

(C) Nothing they'll do or say can (D) stop me from learning to (Em7) fly, (E) yeah

Chorus (in A)

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