Album: FREE AS THE WIND  |  Song lyrics to: DESIRE

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza



Hold me close, don’t let me get singed by the fire

Hold me tight, don’t let me lead myself astray

Keep me close, don’t let me drown in my desire

Keep me near, don’t let my heart wander away

Jesus, You know me better than I know myself

I put on a show, pretend to be somebody else

Haven’t we all believed those lies we tell ourselves

Help me to be the one You want & no one else


Beautiful daydreams, wishing the world were another place

Imagining perfect scenes & all flaws gone without a trace

But life cannot all be fun & bliss without hard times to face

The greater the darkness & sin, the more the light shines with radical grace


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