Album: FREE AS THE WIND  |  Song lyrics to: DO YOU

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Lyrics: Virginia Brandt Berg
Music: Traditional English folk song adapted by Jepthah Piper


He was a man that some folks called great.
Said he'd made good, had grappled with fate.
Till he'd won fame and some riches too.
But in the crowd there were those that knew,
The soul of him so miserably small,
That real greatness he knew not at all.
For all through life he'd missed the real goal.
He'd fed his body but starved his soul.
---[Four times]

He had no time for the little things,
That so much peace and contentment brings
A faithful friend, a child's tender look,
A promise sweet from the dear old book,
A little talk with the Friend Divine,
A little walk where the wild flowers twine;
Just half a man, not well rounded, whole,
Who fed his body but starved his soul.
---[Four times]

And when the day of accounting came,
In God's own time, and death called his name.
Then the poor frail worthless empty shell
He'd groomed and fed and tended so well,
Was left behind just an earth bound clod
While his shriveled soul went to face his God.
All unprepared, and paid the full toll,
He'd fed his body but starved his soul.
---[Four times]

So come my friend and we'll walk today
Where the biggest and best have full sway.
We'll follow the trail that higher goes,
To visions where the soul larger grows.
You'll never hear them say of you then
"Just one of the common herd of men
"You'd find anywhere from pole to pole,
"Who fed his body but starved his soul".



Capo: on 5th fret


(D)He was a (Am)man that (C)some (G)folks called (Am)great.
Said he'd (D)made good, had (C)grappled (G)with (Am)fate.
(D)Till he'd won (Am)fame and (C)some (G)riches (Am)too.
But in the (D)crowd there were (C)those (G)that (Am)knew,
The (C)soul of him so (Am)miserably small,
That (C)real greatness (D)he knew not at (E7sus4)all(E7).
For (D)all through (Am)life he'd (C)missed (G)the real (Am)goal.
He'd fed his (D)body but (C)starved (G)his (Am)soul.
(D)-(C)-(G)-(Am)[Four times]

(D)He had no (Am)time for the (C)lit(G)tle (Am)things,
That so much (D)peace and con(C)tent(G)ment (Am)brings
A (D)faithful (Am)friend, a (C)child's (G)tender (Am)look,
A promise (D)sweet from the (C)dear (G)old (Am)book,
A (C)little talk with the (Am)Friend Divine,
A little (C)walk where the (D)wild flowers (E7sus4)twine(E7);
Just (D)half a (Am)man, not well (C)round(G)ed, (Am)whole,
Who fed his (D)body but (C)starved (G)his (Am)soul.
(D)-(C)-(G)-(Am)[Four times]

(D)And when the (Am)day of ac(C)coun(G)ting (Am)came,
In God's own (D)time, and (C)death (G)called his (Am)name.
(D)Then the (Am)poor frail (C)worthless (G)empty (Am)shell
He'd groomed and (D)fed and (C)ten(G)ded so (Am)well,
Was (C)left behind just an (Am)earth bound clod
While his (C)shriveled soul (D)went to face his (E7sus4)God(E7).
All (D)unpre(Am)pared, and (C)paid (G)the full (Am)toll,
He'd fed his (D)body but (C)starved (G)his (Am)soul.
(D)-(C)-(G)-(Am)[Four times]

So (D)come my (Am)friend and we'll (C)walk (G)to(Am)day
Where the (D)biggest and (C)best (G)have full (Am)sway.
We'll (D)follow the (Am)trail that (C)high(G)er (Am)goes,
To visions (D)where the (C)soul (G)larger (Am)grows.
You'll (C)never hear them say (Am)of you then
"Just (C)one of the (D)common herd of (E7sus4)men
(E7)"You'd (D)find any(Am)where from (C)pole (G)to (Am)pole,
"Who fed his (D)body but (C)starved (G)his (Am)soul"(A).

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