Album: FREE AS THE WIND  |  Song lyrics to: FIND YOUR DREAM

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza



(Em) Find (D) your (G) dream (Em), (C) follow your (D) desti(G)ny (Em)

(C) Aim for your (D) goal, far be(Em)yond the (F#/Ds2) horizon &

(C) You (D) will (G) see (Em)

(C) Dreams will come (D) true for you, (Em) do what you’re (F#/Ds2) meant to do

(C) Find (D) your (Gs4) dream (G)

Verse 1:

(G) Shoot! (Em) Your (C) destiny’s your (D) goal, your soul an (G) arrow (Em)

(C) Far beyond your (D) scope there’s your to(G)morrow (Em)

(C) Seize your desti(D)ny, (C) reach for what you (D) see

(C) Heed your vision, (D) your decisions de(G)termine what you’ll (Ds4) be


Verse 2:

Aim! Aim high, the future’s out there, yours to claim

Act now, for things will never be the same

Do what you must do, you’ve got to see it through

There’s a crown & high reward that’s waiting there for you



(Em) Though there’ll be (D) obstacles a-(C)plenty on your (G) way

(Em) The powers of (D) darkness will at(G)tempt to cause de(D)lay

(Em) Look steady (C) on towards that (G) new & glorious (D) day

No (Am) harm will come your way, (C) love will save the (Ds4) day


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