Album: FREE AS THE WIND  |  Song lyrics to: GOTTA BE LOVE

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


I was (G) talkin' to the Lord about some things I'd said

'cause I (Bm7) couldn't really tell had they been good or bad

Our in(Am7)tentions may so often be quite good and pure

then there's (C) other times that I just wouldn't be so sure

So, the Lord said, 'Honey, don't fret nor dismay,

there's a simple little rule by which you've got to play

And if you'll stick to it you won't go astray,

What(C)ever you do, what(D)ever you say,

It's gotta be (G) love.

It's gotta be (Em) humble

it's gotta be (C) true, kind,

give peace to the troubled and sight (Am7) to the blind

it's gotta set the (Bm) captives free

and (C) most of all, (D) it's gotta be (G) Me

So I went about my life & what life's all about

and I stuck to the rule, followed that golden route

Till a week or so later, must have sheer forgot

and a nasty little thing to say slipped out

The reaction wasn't quite what I had hoped it was

And well, isn't that the way that it so often goes

So I'm goin' back to Jesus, what He has to say

Said "Remember what I told you just the other day?"


So if you're some fellow who's quick with his lip

Let me share this with you: don't let nothin' slip

that you wouldn't want someone to have said to you

and remember that Jesus gave this golden rule:


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