Album: FREE AS THE WIND  |  Song lyrics to: IF YOU'D ONLY REACH OUT

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


If you'd only reach out & touch Me & would call upon My name
You'd find oh, sweet rest from your care & pain, as you'd never found the same
If you'd only call out & receive Me, I would whisper in your ears
All my wondrous, precious Words of life that would cast out all your fears
If you'd only reach out & touch Me
And you would learn how to sing like a sparrow in spring & find a new life full of freedom
Yes, you would learn how to fly like an angel, so high
& you'd never come back again
If you'd only reach out & touch Me
If you'd just lift your heart up to heaven & would listen to My voice
You'd find treasures that forever last, more than silver and all gold
If you'd just open your heart & receive Me as I stand here at your door
I would give you joy & such heavenly bliss as you'd never known before
If you'd only reach out...

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