Album: FREE AS THE WIND  |  Song lyrics to: WAKE UP

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


Verse 1:

(Em) Look at those junkies, hooked to the lie

They’d better (Cmaj7) wake up before they (As2) die without even having (Em) lived

Look (Cmaj7) up to the sky, your re(As2)demption is nigh

If you are (Em) bold enough to live

(Cmaj7) Brave enough to receive the light,

Want to be (As2) saved from the deceit & lies

& think it's (Cmaj7) time to open up our eyes

Think you should (As2) wake up & (Em) live

Verse 2:

(Em) Maybe the darkness was all of the light you have (Cmaj7) known for all your (As2) lives,

But you've merely been de(Em)ceived

There (Camj7) is such a thing as the (As2) truth and the right thing to (Em) do if you believe

Have got the (Cmaj7) courage to receive

The guts to (As2) work on this with me

The urge to (Cmaj7) break out of your trance & sleep,

Think you should (Asus2) wake up and live


(As2) Wake up, it's time to stop drifting & (Em) reach up for the top

(As2) Wake up, it's time to start living for (Em) real, not for the mob

(As2) Wake up, it's time to know that you can be (Em) healed,

You can be (Cmaj7) freed from the ad(As2)diction to this lie that you have (Em) lived

Verse 3:

Ladies & gentlemen, let me most humbly present the One Who paid the price to set you free

Condemned, executed & tortured to death in a place named Calvary,

That was a thing He did for you and me

That was the thing He'd come to do and be,

The Savior-Scapegoat of humanity

That we should wake up and live.

Chorus X2

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