Album: KEYS OF THE KINGDOM  |  Song lyrics to: GOD NEEDS YOU

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


(capo 3rd)

Verse 1:

Do you (C) sometimes feel the need to (G) prove that you can (Am) make (F) it

in this (C) lost & lonely (G) world, all on your (Dm7) own? (F)

And then sometimes you might even try to fake it

and pretend that all you need is brains & brawn

But when the (Am) storms of life tear (G) down your house & (Dm7) shake it (F)

(Am) wouldn't it be nice to (G) know you're not a(F)lone?

You don't (Am) have to be a (G) self-made fool

you don't (Dm7) need to show off all (F) you can do

there's (Am) really no point that you've (G) got to prove,

brother (F) I've got news for (G) you:


(C) God (G) needs (Am) you (F)

to (C) do what you a(G)lone were meant to (Dm7) do (F)

to play that part in His big plan

that He knows no one else but you can,

to love Him and to know you need Him, too

So, when it all comes down to it,

remember you're worth, every bit

because (Am) God (G) needs (C) you

Verse 2:

Do you sometimes feel like everybody's watching?

And just waiting for the moment you will fall?

But then you're not the only one nobody's touching

and there's many who feel no one cares at all

If you realize there's many who are searching

Why not turn around & tune in to their call?

It's time to show folks they're not alone out there

there are hungry souls searching everywhere

they're just waiting for you to break out & share

& to show them someone cares

Repeat Chorus:

There's a (D) mighty harvest (A) out there no one's (Bm) reaping (G)

there's a (D) big job waiting (A) no one wants to (Em) do (G)

And I sometimes think that I can hear Him weeping

'cause the ones who care for others are so few

So the (Bm) next time that old (A) loneliness comes (Em) creeping (G)

Just be(Bm)lieve with all your (A) heart that this is (G) true:

Repeat Chorus:

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