Album: KEYS OF THE KINGDOM  |  Song lyrics to: I DON'T KNOW

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


(Chorus:) I don`t know. Why can`t I just be smart & let go?
The faster you`ll learn that you don`t know,
the better off you`ll be, so, be smart & say I don`t know
I don`t know, tomorrow`s in the hands of God alone
The faster you`ll learn that there`s no need to worry,
the happier you`ll be, so, just let go.

Who among you can add one single day to your lives
by what you know
It`s easy to say Hey, folks, I know the way
But the wiser man will just say I don’t know


Don`t be like the man who crossed the frozen river
On hands & knees, so slow
When, all of a sudden, behind him came rattling
A team of horses, pulling a heavy load


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