Album: KEYS OF THE KINGDOM  |  Song lyrics to: I WAS DEAD

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


I still remember it as clearly as if it happened just today:
I was driving in my car when suddenly this truck rolled up across my way,
It was too late to brake, and all that I could do was cry out and pray
& the next thing I remember was the crash
I somehow knew that I was dead, though I remember I was feelin' great
Then I heard people scream and someone by the car wreck said, 'It is too late'
when I looked over there to see what he meant I thought that I would faint,
for the dead man lying on the ground was me
and that's when I realized I was feelin' just so light
and hoverin' right above a nearby tree
I felt like I could fly and yelled, 'Hey, I didn't die'
though no one heard me, I just felt so free

(Chorus:) I was dead and am alive again
I was dead and am alive again
and when I came back my whole life was changed

As I soared up into the evening sky, suddenly I saw
Some former loved ones who had passed away and left this World long ago
They greeted me and told me not to be afraid or worry anymore
as they led me through a passage of light
Beyond the tunnel I saw golden light, as bright as I had never seen
A shining City full of flowers of new colours, rolling hills of green
As we drew nearer I was welcomed by a bright, angelic, shining Being
and I felt such warmth and love I'd never known
and then, in a moment's time He showed me all my life
and all I'd ever done, good, wrong or right
I saw how I had failed and prayed, 'God if there's a way, please let me go back and start again!'


Then, suddenly, to my amazement, I woke up back in the hospital
Doctors around me had revived my body, which was feeling miserable
But all the pain I felt could not begin to equal with the joy I felt
That my life had begun to make sense
‘Cause for the first time in my whole life I could realize there was a plan
and behind everything in life there is a reason and God's mighty hand
and that our purpose here in life is just to learn to love our fellowman
and yes, I now know there's a life after death
and I talked to all my friends about this experience
Though they just laughed it off, time and again
I know that it was real and so is the joy I feel
I now have a mission to fulfill


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