Album: KEYS OF THE KINGDOM  |  Song lyrics to: LOST SHEEP

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


Well, here we are again tonight, some of the 99
Together singing songs again & everything’s so fine
We think we truly have arrived, so safely in the fold
But brothers, where’s the Master gone out in the bitter cold?
I’ve seen it time and time again, we argue & dispute
About our different views of doctrines, interpreting the Truth
But somewhere out there in the dark, while we all fuss & fight
There’s someone who belongs to us, who’s not yet found the light
So, let us stop ou arguing & get together now
to join the Master’s search out there, I hear Him calling out:

Chorus: “I’m callin’ you, yes you out there somewhere in the dark
My brother or my sister, oh, however lost you are
I’m callin’ you, yes you out there somewhere in the
& if you hear my voice, then follow ‘till you reach the light
I know that you are lost out there, so cold & so alone
But if you hear My voice & follow, I know I’m gonna find
& take you home”

So here’s to all the lost sheep who are out there in the dark
You may not know where you belong but deep inside your heart
You’ll hear the Master Shepherd’s voice like echo in my song
& if you hear His voice & follow, however small in that dark
night, oh little lamb: I know He’s gonna find & take you home

( Chorus )

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