Album: KEYS OF THE KINGDOM  |  Song lyrics to: THE CALL

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza



(G) Whoa, (D) whoa, (Em) there's something you'll (C) want to (D) know

Whoa, whoa, there's a light with a golden glow

Whoa, whoa, there's Someone you'll want to meet

Whoa, whoa, His love's for eternity

Let's (Am7) say you're a prisoner, your (B/G) fears are the walls

That (C) keep you from His arms, from (D) living at all

Convention's the warden, deceit locks the doors

Well, I've got the keys, babe, if you're ready for more


You're so disillusioned from all that you hear

You'd like to be free but there's so much to fear

Well, I've got the answer, tailor made for you

Just call out to Jesus, He'll come rescue you


Whoa, whoa, He's right here, knocking at your door

Whoa, whoa, have no fear, love can do much more

Whoa, whoa, He's the truth that you want to know

Whoa, whoa, there's no place His love cannot go

Whoa, whoa, Jesus lives, can you hear His call?

Whoa, whoa, take His keys and break down the walls.

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