Composed & Produced by: Dave Mendoza
Lead vocal: Dave Mendoza


People are asking me, "Hey, where's your money, dude?
Are you nuts? You can't just live the way it pleases you!"
But they don't understand that I can't live that way:
another cog in the machine, same old rut every day

They say, "How come he doesn't want to play our game?
Are you a coward, or a weakling, are you not ashamed?"
But I just know that your game ain't the one that's meant for me,
your hunt for entertainment, cash and popularity

Come, oh come, heavenly One
Come shine on us like the sun (2x)

Popularity is not the thing for me
because the One for Whom I live was nailed onto a tree
He wasn't popular, He was no superstar
That was a lie cooked up by someone that's gone way too far

My Lord was persecuted, executed like a thief
So to think they'd make me famous would be quite naive
As long as I am truly servant of God's Son
this world and I are never gonna be as one

I'm only here to say how much you're being loved
No matter how often you turn your back on God
There is no greater beauty than His glorious light:
Jesus the Son Who brightens up my darkest night

(Chorus 2x)
(Rep. last 2 verses)

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