Album: DROPPED OUT  |  Song lyrics to: THE ANSWER

Lead vocal: Laz Harris
Lyrics and Music: Phil Keggy
Introduced by: David Senek
Producers: Vas Myers, Laz Harris, Farrell Johnson


The search for happiness
And purpose in life
Is more intense than ever.
I've searched, you've searched,
We've run in the night,
And still felt untogether.

In word and song we sing along,
A song to be sung with you,
We've found the way, now today
You can see it too--.

The Answer, you don't need to be
Alone anymore.
The Answer is Jesus, believe me,
He'll open the door--.

And with this feeling of love in our hearts,
Our Lord is with us always.
Although we know that it's just the start,
There are no more dark hallways.

In word and song we sing along
With many or with few.
We saw the light now tonight
You can see it too.--.

He'll open the door -
He'll open the door,
Yes, He'll open the door,
He'll open the door,
Yes, He'll open the door...

"THE ANSWER" (with chords)

The (G)search for (Dm)happiness
And (C)purpose in (G)life
Is (Am)more in(D)tense than (Em)ever(D).
I've (G)searched, you've (Dm)searched,
We've (C)run in the (G)night,
And (Am)still felt (D)unto(C)gether(G).

In (Am)word and (Bm)song we (Am)sing a(Bm)long,
(Am)A song to be (Bm)sung with (F)you(D),
We've (Am)found the (Bm)way, (Am)now to(Bm)day(Em)
You can (Bm)see it (Em)too(Bm)-(Em)-(D).

The (G)Answer, you (Dm)don't need to (C)be
A(G)lone anymore(Dm).
(C)The (G)Answer is (Dm)Jesus, be(C)lieve me,
He'll (G)open the door(Dm)-(C)-(G).

And (G)with this (Dm)feeling of (C)love in our (G)hearts,
Our (Am)Lord is (D)with us (Em)always(D).
Al(G)though we (Dm)know that (C)it's just the (G)start,
There (Am)are no (D)more dark (C)hallways(G).

In (Am)word and (Bm)song we (Am)sing a(Bm)long
With (Am)many (Bm)or with (F)few.
(D)We (Am)saw the (Bm)light (Am)now to(Bm)night
(Em)You can (Bm)see it (Em)too.(Bm)-(Em)-(D).

He'll (G)open the door (Dm)-(C)
He'll (F)open the door,
Yes, He'll (G)open the door,
He'll (F)open the door,
Yes, He'll (G)open the door...

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