album: destined  |  song lyrics to: GREATEST HOURS

Lead Vocal: Jeremy Spencer
Music & Lyrics: Ben C.


Verse 1
Like a watch keeps the time,
A calendar the days,
So our hearts keep Your Words,
And our lives Your ways.
Like a mother keeps her baby safe,
And a sheep her lamb,
So You'll keep us in times of trouble;
We're always in Your hands.

And though through days of darkness we will-go,
Our hearts, our eyes, are turned to You, as earthly values erode.
We're destined to, live through, the greatest hours of all time
Which the prophets have -foretold!

Verse 2
Every hour, every moment
The End is drawing near;
Every second, every day,
Somany want to hear.
Help us stand, with sword in hand,
Ready to give your Truth
To every soul that's reaching out,
To find their way to You!

No one can do their work when the night is come.
Lord, we know You're coming soon help us to hold on!

[Are we getting the picture?]

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

-Which the prophets have fore-told!


"GREATEST HOURS" (with chords)

Intro: (D)-(A)-(Bm)-(G)[2x]

Verse 1
(D)Like a watch keeps the (A)time,
(Bm)A calendar the (G)days,
(Bm)So our hearts keep Your (A)Words,
(D)And our lives Your (G)ways.
(D)Like a mother keeps her (A)baby safe,
(Bm)And a sheep her (G)lamb,
(Bm)So You'll keep us in (A)times of trouble;
(D)We're always in Your (Bb)hands.

(F)And though through (C)days of (Dm)darkness we will(Bb)-(C)go,
(Dm)Our hearts, our (C)eyes, are turned to (Gm)You, as earthly (C)values erode.
(F)We're destined (C)to, live (Bb)through, the greatest (C)hours of all (Dm)time
Which the (Bb)prophets have (F)-(G)foretold!

(D)-(A)-(Bm)-(G)Two times

Verse 2
(D)Every hour, every (A)moment
(Bm)The End is drawing (G)near;
(Bm)Every second, every (A)day,
So(D)many want to (G)hear.
(D)Help us stand, with (A)sword in hand,
(Bm)Ready to give your (G)Truth
(Bm)To every soul that's (A)reaching out,
(D)To find their way to (Bb)You!

(Bm)No one can (F#m)do their work (G)when the night is (D)come.
(Bm)Lord, we know You're (F#m)coming soon (G)help us to hold (Bb)on!

Break: (F)-(C)-(Dm)-(Bb)-(C)-(Dm)-(C)-(Gm)-(C)[Two times]

[Are we getting the picture?]

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

(Dm)-(Bb)Which the prophets have fore(F)-(G)told!

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