Album: EAGLE BLEEDS  |  Song lyrics to: SEA WASH OVER ME

Lead Vocal: Haven L. Suttin
Lyrics and Music: Esther David
Backup Vocals: Farrell Johnson, Laz Harris
All instruments performed by: Farrell Johnson


Verse 1
Sea wash over me, Cleanse and make me free.
I want a life, Free from care and strife.
I want to discover God.

Chorus 1
Sand and sea and an ocean floor. Is this all or is there more?
Is existence a mockery? Is there a plan for me?
I want to find myself.

Verse 2
Searching high, searching low, Seeking peace to fill my soul.
Seeking love in someone's eyes. Sorting truth from alibis.
Is there peace in life's reality?

Chorus 2
Tossed about on an angry sea. Storm clouds hanging over me.
Life is a living pain. Can I be born again?
Is there another way?

Verse 3
Then I found Jesus Christ. He came into my life.
His love washed over me, And now His plan I see.
How could I have ever been so blind?

Chorus 3
I just opened my heart to Him. He lifted out my sin.
He washed away my past. He's real and He will last.
Jesus Christ came in and set me free, so free.
Jesus Christ came in and set me free.

Repeat Chorus 3
So free, Jesus Christ came in and set me free.


"SEA WASH OVER ME" (With Chords)

Verse 1
(C)Sea wash (Fmaj7)over me, (C)Cleanse and (Fmaj7)make me free.
(Em)I(Am) want a life, (Em)Free from (Am)care and strife.
(F)I want to discover(G) God.

Chorus 1
(Am)Sand and sea and an (Em)ocean floor. (Am)Is this all or (Em)is there more?
(Fmaj7)Is existence a (C)mockery? (Fmaj7)Is there a plan for(C) me?
(Fmaj7)I want to find (G)myself.

Verse 2
(C)Searching high, (Fmaj7) searching low, (C)Seeking peace to (Fmaj7)fill my soul.
(Em)Seeking love in (Am)someone's eyes. (Em)Sorting truth from (Am)alibis.
(F)Is there peace in life's (G)reality?

Chorus 2
(Am)Tossed about on an (Em)angry sea. (Am)Storm clouds hanging (Em)over me.
(Fmaj7)Life is a(C) living pain. (Fmaj7)Can I be (C)born again?
(Fmaj7)Is there another(G) way?

Verse 3
(C)Then I found (Fmaj7)Jesus Christ. (C)He came into my (Fmaj7)life.
(Em)His love washed(Am) over me, (Em)And now His(Am) plan I see.
(F)How could I have ever been so (G)blind?

Chorus 3
(Am)I just opened my(Em) heart to Him. (Am)He lifted out my (Em)sin.
(Fmaj7)He washed (C)away my past. (Fmaj7)He's real and (C)He will last.
(Fmaj7)Jesus Christ came i(G)n and set me (C)free, so (Am)free.
(Fmaj7)Jesus Christ came (G)in and set me (C)free.

Repeat Chorus 3
So(Am) free, (F)Jesus Christ came(G) in and set me (C)free.

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