Album: EVER SO CLOSE  |  Song lyrics to: I BELONG WITH YOU

Lead vocal: Katrina Levithan
Lyrics and Music: Katrina Levithan
Producer: John Freeman


Capo: 2nd fret

Intro: (A)

Verse 1
(A) I don't regret the rain or (E/A) any tear I've cried,
(Bm) I don't lament the pain that (Dm/B) I've felt deep inside,
Be(A)cause every (Bm)heartbreak (G) brought me closer to You,
And (F#7) I belong with You. You (Bm)are my Lover.
(Esus2/G#)My heart beats for you. This (A)is the tru(Esus4)th.

Verse 2
(A) When I need Your love to (E/A) keep me warm at night,
Or Your (Bm) arms to hold me above the (Dm/B) raging bolts of light,
I (A) hold out my (Bm)hands, Love. You're (G) there in that instant,
And I (F#7) know I'm safe with You. You're my (Bm) sanctuary.
(Esus2/G#) I belong with You. You (A)are my hav(Esus4)en.

If I'm the (A)book, You're the (C#m7)pen.
You're my be(D)ginning, You're my (Dm) end.
You're the (A)music, I'm the (F#m7)tape.
I re(E)play, You cre(E/D)ate.
You're the (A/C#)words of my (F#m7sus2)song.
You're my (D)heart beating all day (Dm) long.
I'm like the (A)bird, You are my (F#m7)sky.
I (Bm) need You in (Esus2/G#)every chapter of my (Dsus2)life.

Verse 3
(A) Joyfully, with love, with (E/A) praise and gratitude,
My (Bm) mind, my soul, my body, (Dm/B)I surrender to You.
I (A) pledge my heart (Bm) to You. I'll (G) try my best to please You.
'Cause (F#7) I belong with You. Your (Bm)love gives me life.
I (Esus2/G#) give myself to You. Lord, I be(A)long with Yo(Esus4)u.

Repeat Chorus twice

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