Album: EVER SO CLOSE  |  Song lyrics to: PORTRAIT

Lead vocal: Christy Gibson
Lyrcis and Music: Michael Dooley
Producer: Michael Dooley


Verse 1
If I could paint a (Fmaj7) portrait (Gsus4-G) of Your (F/C) face
To (C/E) show the world how (Fmaj7) beauti(Gsus4)ful (G) You (Em7) are,
I'd (Am) draw the gentlest (F) eyes I've ever (Dm) seen,
That shine more deeply (G/B) than the (G) brightest (C) star,
Those eyes that looked in(G/F)to my (F) very (Csus2/E) soul,
Saw every secret (Dm) longing (B1/2dim) hidden (Esus4) there, (E)
(E/G#) If (Am) I could (Dm7) paint a (G7/D) (Csus2/E) portrait,
(F6/D) Paint a (C/G) portrait (G7) of (C) You.

Verse 2

I'd draw the sweetest (Fmaj7) lips I've (Gsus4-G) ever (F/C) known,
That (C/E) spoke the words which (Fmaj7) healed my (Gsus4) broken (G) (Em) heart.
I'd (Am) use the purest (F) colors I could (Dm) find,
Use every ounce of (G/B) strength and (G) skill and (C) art.
I'd fill in every (G/F) detail of the (Csus2/E) smile
That warms my being and (Dm) fills my (B1/2dim) every thought, (Esus4-E)
(E7/G#) If (Am) I could (Dm) paint a (G7/D-C) portrait,
(F6) Paint a (C/G) portrait (G7) of (C) You.


This then shall (G/F) be (F) my (C/E) quest,
My (G/F) all-em(F)bracing (C/E) theme:
How to de(F/Eb)scribe the (Bbsus2/D) love
That (Dm7) lights my every (Em7) dream.


Verse 3

Yet I have but a (Fmaj7) single (Gsus4) life (G) to (F/C) use,
Such (Csus2/E) poor and humble (Fmaj7) gifts as I (G) pos(Em7)sess,
Few (Am7) swift and passing (F) days upon this (Dm) Earth
To say what human (G/B) speech can (G) scarce ex(C)press.
I pray my every (G/F) thought and (F) word and (C/E) deed
May somehow por(Dm)tray Your (B1/2dim) loveliness, (Esus4-E7)
(E7/G#) If (Am) I could (G7/D) paint a (C/E) portrait,
(G/F) Of (F) Your (C/E) face, Lord.
Let me (Dm) paint a (Csus2/E) portrait,
(Dm/F) Paint a (C/G) portrait (G7) of (C) You. (F/C-C)

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