Album: FLYING COLORS  |  Song lyrics to: BABY, I FOUND A WAY

Lead Vocal: Amy Koch
Music: Amy Koch, Makoto Nobuka
Lyrics: Amy Koch
Guitars, Bass: Makoto Nobuka - Drums: Mike D. - Keyboards: John Listen
Back-up vocals: Amy Koch, John Freeman, Michael Fogarty


Verse 1
Far away I see a light comin’ from your eyes.
Though you’re at a distance, I feel your disguise.
But you don’t wanna let the hurt show.
Then again, you want someone to know
That every road you take just becomes a dead end.

But if you look into my eyes,
Maybe I know the struggle for completeness.
Used to tire of the deceitfulness of humanity,
In my search for sanity.
Baby, I found a way.

[Baby, I found a way.] Baby, I found a way!
[Baby, I found a way.] Love is the only way!
[Baby, I found a way.] Baby, I found a way.

Verse 2
Love’s the only remedy, the only cure for pain,
The only great solution, the only way.
You don’t have to look much further,
You don’t have to cry much longer.
'Cause where there’s love, there’s life,
You don’t have to be alone.

So, look into my eyes.
Baby, I know it’s not an illusion
It’s the end of all confusion in the heart of man,
The only decent plan.
Baby, I found a way.

Repeat Chorus

Music break: - [eight times]

Repeat Chorus twice


"BABY, I FOUND A WAY" (with chords)

Intro: (Dsus2)

Verse 1
(D)Far away I see a li(G/D)ght comin’ from (A/D)your eyes.
(G/D)Though you’re (Dmaj7)at a distance, (G/D)I feel your dis(A/D)guise.
(D)But you don’t wanna let the (G)hurt show.
Then a(A)gain, you want some(D)one to know
That every (Em)road you take just (G)becomes a dead (A)end.

(A)But if you look in(Em)to my eyes,
Maybe I (G)know the struggle (A)for completeness.
Used to (G)tire of the de(Em)ceitfulness of hu(A)manity,
In my search for sani(G)ty.
(Em)Baby, I found a (A)way.

(A)[Baby, I found a wa(G)y.] (Em)Baby, I found a (A)way!
(A)[Baby, I (G)found a (D)way.] (Em)Love is the only (A)way!
(A)[Baby, I (G)found a (Bm)way.] (G)Baby, I (A)found a (D)way.

Verse 2
(D)Love’s the only reme(G/D)dy, the only (A/D)cure for pain,
(G/D)The only (Dmaj7)great solution, (G/D)the only (A/D)way.
(D)You don’t have to (Dmaj7)look much (G)further,
You don’t (A)have to cry much lon(D)ger.
'Cause where there’s (Em)love, there’s life,
You don’t (G)have to be a(A)lone.

(A)So, look in(Em)to my eyes.
Baby, I (G)know it’s not an ill(A)usion
It’s the (G)end of all con(Em)fusion in the (A)heart of man,
The only decent (G)plan.
(Em)Baby, I found a (A)way.

Repeat Chorus

Music break: (G)-(A) [eight times]


Repeat Chorus twice

Ending: (Dsus2)

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