Album: FORWARD MARCH  |  Song lyrics to: BLESSED IS THE MAN

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


(C) Blessed is the man who can weep (F) tears of joy

(Am7) Blessed he who can't and won't (F) be annoyed

by (C) all at(B/G)tempts of evil (F) to destroy

for (Am7) all he (Am7/G) sees is (F) Heaven's glory

out(Am7)shining any (Am7/G) fake reali(F)ty

for (Am7) love's the only (Am7/G) real thing he can (F) see (Gs4)

Blessed is the man who can resist temptation

of fears beckoning him that slaughter generations

He'll keep his eyes upon the goal

that torch that burns deep in his soul

constraining him to fight and never cease

till even the last captive's been set free


(F) Blessed is the man who won't seek (C) his own glory

For (F) that's not what he needs, he knows he's part of a (Em) greater story

than (Gs4) you and I all (F) lesser claims are (Gs4) lies

Blessed is the man who really loves a woman

the way that he is loved by the One Who created all men

to show His Nature for all eyes to see

the only way that one would strive to be

for love has been and love will always be

the only hope and one true meaning

the only end and the beginning

the one and only true reality


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