Album: FORWARD MARCH  |  Song lyrics to: CALL OUT TO ME

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


Intro: D-Bm-G-D---D-Bm-G-A---D-Bm-G-D---D-Bm-A-D

(D) You feel (Bm) weak: you (G) call out to (D) Me!

Your outlook is (Bm) bleak, you (G) call out to (A) Me!

If (D) answers you (Bm) seek, just (G) call out to (D) Me!

I'll set you (Bm) free if you (A) call out to (D) Me!

Don't know what to do? Call out to Me!

You ain't got no clue, until you call out to Me!

It's simple but true, all you've got to do is call out to Me!

My advice to you: Oh, child you've got to call out to Me!


You ask, (G) "It's as easy as (D) that?"

And I say, (G) It's that (D) easy

(Bm) There's no condition too (A) bad

No circum(G)stances I couldn't change

No challenge that could (Asus4) tease Me

(First verse)


If you feel tired & weak, call out to Me

I'll give you all the strength & power you need

I'll show you anything you want to see

All is yours if you will call out to Me


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