Album: FORWARD MARCH  |  Song lyrics to: FOCUS

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


Every day comes with a sheer array of

Shiny things designed to make me go astray

Countless temptations and distractions coming my way

Must have this & “Lord, I still need that”

And then I’m craving this, though I’m already fat

& there’s this one thing missing for my happiness

Until You call me to look up

And You make all this madness stop


I focus on You & the more that I do

The more I realize that nothin else

In this whole world could ever really satsisfy

I focus on You & the more that I do

The more it becomes clear that

all my wants, selfish addictions and desires disappear

when I focus on You

The web, the movies & computer games

Along with buzzy drinks can sometimes blur our aim

Make us forget that we are fighting a war

Endless pleasure trips and lethargy can come across like

Good & dear old friends to me until I can’t remember

What I’m fighting for

Lord, take control & lift me up

And please make all this madness stop


(2nd chorus:)

When I focus on you I see nothing is true

Except You and Your Cause

That matters more than any other thing that I could ever do

I focus on You and the more that I do

Everything else fades away like a long & sad day

With nothing to say until You came my way

I focus on You (2x)

I fix my mind, I keep my eyes pinned straight on You

I’m tuning in, I won’t let go, You’re all I think, You’re all I know

Make all this madness fade away

There’s nothing else that’s left to say

Cause without You it all won’t matter anyway

I focus on You

Keep me focused on You

I focus on You

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