Album: FORWARD MARCH  |  Song lyrics to: RISE ABOVE

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


Proclaim it now with all your might:

Under a bushel’s no place for the light

Open the door and let it out

What you receive is what you must shout

You’re not alive just to stay alive

No, that’s not what life’s all about

The choice is yours: high or be low

Make up your mind & let us know

The higher path’s the one you are called to walk

All others lead where you won’t go

No man lives just to himself alone

No, brother, that just isn’t so


Don’t allow to remain unfound all that’s yours yet to retrieve

You were born to walk higher ground, life is yours, if you believe

Pay no mind to “it can’t be done” nor to those who push & shove

Mountain peeks are your destiny, do what you must do for love:

Rise above!

Down in the valley they start to scream

Because you’re ruining their scheme

“Hey, that’s no way, get yourself back down here!

Take your place in the machine!”

Don’t listen to them, their Titanic is sinking

Don’t let them rob you of your dream

(Chorus twice)

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