Album: FORWARD MARCH  |  Song lyrics to: TOGETHER

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


United we'll stand but divided we'll fall

that's why we simply must stick together

Together we're great, separated we're small

we've got to fight and march on together

Let's choose to win for the sake of us all

let's choose to run, win, work, stand together

Let's do our best to heed and answer the call

for unity and let's walk together


For the sake of you, for the sake of me

for the sake of all: let's get together

For the sake of truth, for the sake of peace

for the sake of love let's get together

You and me, we were meant to be one

because we'll be much stronger together

A three-fold chord can't easily be undone

That's why we've got to hold on together

Let's become like the Father and Son

as They are One, let's all be together

Let's not falter but stick to our guns

Let's be in heart, mind, soul, truth, together


We've got the answers to the world's problems

but only if we stay together

We've got the power to master the hurdles

but only if we take them together

You and me, sister, may never be perfect

but we can rise above sin together

You and me brother, will never be heard if

we won't join hands and sing together

(Chorus X2)

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