Album: FORWARD MARCH  |  Song lyrics to: TO YOU

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


(G) Please, Jesus, (Ds4) be the One that (Am) they will hear with(C)in my (D) song

(G) let it be (C) Your voice they can (D) hear (C-D)

Please, Jesus, be the light that shines through me both, day & night

help me to make Your signals clear

Let there be nothing left in me of pride and selfishness

Let what they see in me be You, Jesus

Cause I want nothing else but You in place of my old self

Come in and make everything new

Cause (Em) all I (C) want is (D) make sure You know (Am) I belong

and (C) all that (Em) counts to (D) me is just to (Am) give it all

to (C) You (Em-D-Am)

To (G) You

Lord, make it right don't let me lead no secret double-life

Make me hot, not trying to be cool

Lord make it true that I see everything the way You do

Settle for less? I'd be a fool.


Cause (Em) without You, nothing (D) turns out (G) right

ex(C)cept for You, all My (D) truth is (G) lies

the (Em) only way I can (D) turn for (Am) light's to (C) You - to You


... to (C) You (Em-D-Em)

to (C) You (Em-D-Am) (2x)

To (G) You (Ds4-Am-C-D-G)

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