Album: HEARTBEAT  |  Song lyrics to: HEARTBEAT

Lead Vocal: Chris Konen
Music & Lyrics: Makoto Nobuka


Intro: --- two times
Verse 1
Born into my Family, growing up in this life,
Blessed to know my Savior,
To know wrong from right.
It's a joy and an honor to be counted as one
Of His bearers of light & love to everyone …
'Cause Heaven can seem so far away
To those who don't know where It is
God's crying for them to find Him.
Uniting our hearts with His, we will beat as one,
And know that Heaven's just a heartbeat away.
Verse 2
I take a look around me, & everyday I see
Your eyes, they're crying, crying out to me.
You smile to hide your grief, but alone at night,
God knows how many tears fall from your eyes.
Repeat Chorus
Now you can find away out of your sorrows & fears.
Just hold on tight to God's hand, His love will lead the way.
Repeat Chorus
Break: ------
Repeat Chorus
--- two times


"HEARTBEAT" (with chords)

Intro: (Asus2)-(E/G#)-(F#m7sus4)-(E) two times
Verse 1
(Asus2)Born into my Fami(E/G#)ly, growing (F#m7sus4)up in this (E)life,
(Asus2)Blessed to know my (E/G#)Savior,
(F#m7sus4)To know wrong from (E)right.
(Asus2)It's a joy and an ho(E/G#)nor (F#m7sus4)to be counted as (E)one
(A)Of His bearers of li(C#m)ght & (A)love to (Bsus2)everyone …
'Cause (A)Heaven can seem so (B/A)far away
To (G#m)those who don't know (C#m)where It is
God's (Asus2)crying for (Bsus2)them to find (E)Him.
Uniting our (A)hearts with (B/A)His, (G#m7)we will beat as (C#m7)one,
And (B)kn(A)ow that (Bsus2)Heaven's just a heartbeat a(E)way.
Verse 2
(Asus2)I take a look a(E/G#)round me, (F#m7sus4)& everyday I (E)see
(Asus2)Your eyes, they're (E/G#)crying, (F#m7sus4)crying out to (E)me.
(Asus2)You smile to hide your (E/G#)grief, (F#m7sus4)but alone at (E)night,
(A)God knows how (C#m)many tears (A)fall from your (Bsus2)eyes.
Repeat Chorus
(E)Now you can (Aaug4)find a(A)way out of your (G#m7)sorrows & (C#m7)fears.
Just (F#m)hold on tight (F#)to God's hand, His (B)love will lead the way.(B7)
Repeat Chorus
Break: (A)-(A/B)-(G#m7)-(C#m7)-(F#m)-(F)-(B)
Repeat Chorus
(Asus2)-(E/G#)-(F#m7sus4)-(E) two times

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